Outflanking Biden? Trump’s Executive Orders for Evictions & Student Debt!

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Edited by Koki Miyazaki

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  1. Trump said if re-elected he would make these tax deferments, permanent and with the extra money($800 a month). I would be able to afford a home and invest in my retirement. Average blue collar workers need this break. Especially after democrats passed Mass. law 151 that strips minimum workers of their Sunday overtime pay($5k a year out of my check). And give it to Amazon tax free. And this law also stops small businesses from opening and closes the ones already open. In favor of big corporations over the little people. Covid did more to reduce the income inequality gap in Boston/ Cambridge, than Elizabeth Warren and the democrats here did.

  2. I'm more of "right of center" but I do agree with some points of liberals. That being said I'll never vote for the left until I can stop associating liberals like Jimmy here with Antifa, BLM, fat blue hairs, micro aggression, safe space bullshit. Until then I have no choice to "vote" for a conservative.

  3. There are limitations to what the president can do by Executive Order, cancelling the taxes would likely take an act of Congress. From my understanding, he can direct the Department of Education to postpone collecting on student loan debt, but again, cancellation would probably require an act of Congress. I think that you should have mentioned this, because your report hints he is not doing enough, but does not address whether there are limitations on what he can do.

  4. While I don't think Jimmy has TDS as bad as he used too.. He certainly still has it in part. Curious if he wakes up before November and gives the God Emperor his vote.

  5. Yeah, tax payments are deferred, if nobody ever pays taxes, where does the money to run the government come from? C'mon man, you should have mentioned that, rather than acting like it was just nothing or to wipe out social security. The truest words were that Biden is mentally out of it, no matter how hard they try to hide it.

  6. And a week later, Trump closes that ten point gap. Jimmy, get your head out of your arse. Politics should not be seen as candidates “giving things to people”, it should be about the best policy. You progressives are all gimme gimme gimme. What you want is scraps from your master’s table. Conservatives want policies that are sustainable.

  7. dnc destroys progressive movements towards a govt for and by the people. The Rnc is just a prop the DNC uses to screw us. Get rid of the DNC and this country can move forward. Rnc wont last 3 days without the DNC.

  8. How about I work and pay my social security but I pay for ME and not others to use it. I don't mind helping those who can't help themselves but most people don't need it and can do some form of work.

  9. The order defers the employee’s obligation to pay a 6.2% Social Security tax per paycheck. It applies to people who “generally” make less than $4,000 every two weeks, which works out to an annual salary of $104,000.

  10. The workers' portion of the payroll tax will not accumulate, but an Executive Order can only defer collection. Congress eeds to pass a bill that forgives the payroll tax during this period, or eliminate it altogether. Remove the cap on contributions and workers might not need to contribute anything. Unfortunately Jimmy Jackoff doesn't understand the limits placed on EOs even after reading Pelosi's statement.

  11. Perception perception perception it’s another presidential election cycle Trump does not have to deliver he by executive order pulled the rug out of the Dems so what else you can honestly bitch about – the public is focused on primarily Covid and its economic repercussions period. Hell I wonder if the people that don’t vote will exceed 2016- 100 million registered voters did not vote that year! Close to one in three. 2020 a bizarre year

  12. Yeah, I knew Jimmy would show his true Communist beliefs at some point. He's very slickly lying to people by pushing the fake MSM polls so that they won't vote. Total Marxist conartist

  13. Republicans: “Here’s some gimmicks that sort of look like we’re trying to make your life better.” Democrats: “We don’t have to give you anything that will make your life better, because everyone knows you are going to vote for us anyway because everyone knows that we are the party that gives you things to make your life better.”

  14. You have to defer payroll tax if he waives it then money wont flow to social security which he promised he wont touch. Any permanent cancellation or changes to payroll taxes needs to come from Congress