OUTRAGEOUS! Biden Confiscating Homes To Build Trump’s Wall

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  1. Really , are these land confiscations really just for the wall , or is it another way also take land and homes , sounds like the banks may be involved ??? Prime land for Bill on the cheap .

  2. Why don't we start calling Joe and Kamala modern day slave owners?
    They lock up kids that were sold to the cartel for $1k-$4k as diversions for drug operations in their private detention facilities.
    They call it child lending in interviews with border patrol.
    These kid's parents are paid for their children instead of having to pay the coyote.
    All because Joe ushered all the children in the world to cross our southern border.
    Joe and Kamala's donors own the jail.
    Feels like 2+2 to me.
    The only people making money are Joe and Kamala's corporate donors, and the cartels.
    They aren't even paying most the guards at the government funded private detention facility.
    Who volunteers to be a prison guard of children?
    How many rape allegations so far?

  3. Clearly you don't get it, Jimmy! Biden is NOT building the wall, and he is NOT invading Syria, and there are NO kids in cages! That's all fake, and that's why any reports to the contrary need to be censored and removed from Facebook and Twitter! Also, the most important thing above all else is that Biden and Harris don't say mean things on Twitter, and that means we can all go back to sleep and ignore any bad things they're doing. Which they totally aren't doing, because they're not Trump, who is responsible for all evil in this country and abroad, including the stuff that took place in the decades before he took office!

  4. Anyone else notice how “orange” (literally) Biden looked in that video? It’s almost like they (old septuagenarian corrupt politicians) put on a shit ton of makeup to hide the fact they are old septuagenarian corrupt politicians.

  5. If you want to help Mexico, you build the wall over the whole border, you put the military and DHS on the border as a matter of national security and you don't let anyone come over and those that do are immediately taken back…
    you declare the cartels a national security threat and you go out and physically destroy them with the CIA and the military, and you tell CA to pay farmers in the Central Valley to stop growing crops and start removing dead wood so there's no fuel for fires every summer, and you transplant those crops to Mexico and increase Mexico's economy…
    take the cartels away, and open up tourism and more agriculture. Without the cartels, people will flock to Mexico for tourism. Their economy will boom, and the border situation is solved as they won't want to come here.

  6. If I was looking for a self loving right wing fascist who lies with every breath he takes and loves to bomb brown people when he isn't putting brown kids in cages, I think we have the winner! Thank you Democrats, the dystopian party of your future because people are too stupid to do any research before they vote.

  7. I'm fine with the wall because I know what's really going on down there…it's dangerous and corrupt AF. however, the government needs to PAY a FAIR value to any property owners that are REMOTELY INCONVENIENCED IN ANY WAY by the wall or its construction. Some sections of the border are pretty safe but many people have been threatened or assaulted on their own land by criminals and smugglers crossing illegally…this is actually a very serious problem if you're in the wrong (remote) place at the wrong time.

  8. Y'all felt for it. Biden wanted this wall just as much as Trump wanted it. You can't call it Trump's wall when all Biden had to do was take it down. Don't forget he removed a lot of Trump's work. Why not remove the wall????

  9. Why do you liberals claim the"pro worker" mantle if all you want to do is carry water for corporate greed and low wage illegal workers who replace American workers? The idea of the wall was to stop competition for your jobs. Cesar Chavez and his UFW used to go to the border and "encourage" illegal crossers against coming here. He understood economics, YOU DON'T.