OUTRAGEOUS! Defense Contractors Will Sue Pentagon If Wars End

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  1. Some people commenting on here think this is something new and rare. It is not new or rare. War makes money for them. Therefore they want war. CNN is owned by these people. They will not make any negative comments about it. That is why we have been in Afghanistan for decades.

  2. Biden’s infrastructure fraudulent bill is mortally wounded with Humongous SUBSIDIES for the stupid Green Deal. Clean (?) INTERMITTENT 17% energies floating on the shity Climate Change Dogma.

    If there is a systemic deficit in urban mobility, it is Public Mobility! … which they call “TRANSIT” Without any valid analysis Biden allocates 85 billion to be spent on the Permanent Bankrupted Public Transport Systems (Transit represents less than 5% of daily trips person miles made in the entire nation…

    In order for the Solar and Wind Intermittent Energies to appear in the graphs, it is added to the Bioenergy and “others” … otherwise, it would be impossible to include it … they do the same with all "clean" energies, they stir it up with BIOFUELS, which are nothing other than burning trees, garbage. plastics, in short, everything with a higher CARBON content! … Just because it sounds “politically correct” to refer to them as BIO-FUELS!!!

    So WE are paying for the electric automobile's distribution energy grid based on GAS, COAL, AND NUCLEAR !!

    Since you people are very stupid and lazy to think, much less analyze and do a little basic math … it is impossible for the Exceptionalistas “Freedom Fighters” citizens of this USA to realize the level of bullshit that prevails on the government!!! For electric cars (Tesla Ford and GM) $ 174 billion equates to an average subsidy for 23’000,000 electric Teslas at $ 7,500 per car. Problem… in the US there are currently 276 million vehicles registered in 2019. That is, this idiot is subsidizing with money from 91.4% of fossil fuel car owner’s tax money to the other 8.4% of electric vehicles hardly the majority of the modes of transportation in 2030. When THE ONLY THING THAT THE ELECTRIC VEHICLES DO not NEED ARE SUBSIDIES … THEY ARE THE MOST EXPENSIVE CARS TO BUY AND MAINTAIN (TODAY THEY ARE THE BEST POLITICALLY CORRECT! BUSINESS …. Electric vehicles today are for people with higher income … A feel-good deal, kind of going to church, confess and eat the body of Christ (cannibalism)!!! Just to come out of church feeling purified and in hand with GOD!!! Son … you are no longer the PROBLEM … you are THE SOLUTION!!!! (Greta Thunderbird)

    In this first installment 201 thousand million dollars …GO TO CLIMATE CHANGE Stupidity….Clean Energies Intermittent Bullshit!!

  3. Black comedy indeed. US courts deciding whether to allow sanctioned killers in pretty uniforms to endlessly mass murder and torture their fellow human beings overseas… Or not… I'm sure the verdict will be one based on, (Truth, justice and other special effects…) 'Wag The Dog.'

  4. Nothing new. General Motors sued the federal government after World War Two for destroying the factories of Opel, their German subsidiary. GM won the lawsuit and American tax payers footed the bill.

  5. The plandemic hoax yet you can’t believe the climate hoax, there is pollution but that’s nothing to do with the sun.
    1.5 billion a dat of micro plastic masks enter the environment and the see birds and sea life are getting caught up in them, be good to do a show on that, and also remember the PPE plastic aprons

  6. Who at the Pentagon drafted and signed the contracts in question? If they've left government service, who are they working for now and with what compensation package? And if they haven't left government service yet, ditto for when they do.

  7. Everyone in the media and government is complicit in this shit. I want to do terrible things to them I'm so pissed at this. And guess what, our children are going to pay for this through inflation.
    Dissolve the Federal Government and convict every single one of those criminals and their conspirators

  8. Yup, TV ads from defense contractors are even more transparently buying favorable coverage than all those prescription-drug ads for conditions you never heard of before, but they're on a par with ads for MRI machines. ("Hi. I saw an ad for your MRI machine and I'm thinking of getting one for home use. Do you offer financing? No, I'll probably put it in the spare bedroom. The garage is already occupied by my F-35.")

  9. This is what happens where you have to secure your currency by undermining others' ability to sell energy using their currency or whatever means they see fit. We printed it so much because we were dominant in the energy age. The information age has come and technology and what makes it, are now the currency.
    Various resources like oil, gas, and precious metals were always meant to be saturated into this system. This was inevitable.

  10. I wonder if Jimmy has heard of the announcement just this past Wednesday, March 31st of this year of the award by the U.S. Army of a 21.9 Billion Dollar contract (yes a 21.9 BILLION DOLLAR) contract to Microsoft to provide the Army with what the Pentagon calls "Augmented Realty Headsets." To find the CNBC report of this development, Google search [ Microsoft wins U.S. Army contract for augmented reality headsets, worth up to $21.9 billion over 10 years ]

  11. Hey Jimmy, if I told you that our government was supporting an un-elected person as the legitimate leader of a county, including multiple congressional resolutions and free money you'd probably think I was talking about a place in South America, but you'd be wrong. From the same people who brought you Ukraine, just look to their north,Belarus.