Outsiders Panel Discussion on Protests in Melbourne & Media Freedom

Discussing the week of protests in Melbourne and government attacks on media freedoms in Australia on the Outsiders program on Sky News Australia.

Written by Real Rukshan


  1. Rukshan, Avi and Marty are the only media i will need for Melbourne. Love ya work. Like everyone else nothing but high fives, handshakes and pats on the back from the people. Meanwhile the MSM get bottles flung at their heads.

  2. They hate you Rukshan cause your a man of colour and according the media, police and government only violent 'Neo-Nazi' white male right wing protesters are going to these protests. Meanwhile your in the crowd getting hi fives and voices of praise for your work from said ' violent racist' protesters and get sprayed with capsicum spray from the police instead for your troubles! True Blue Aussie you are mate through and through! You do us all proud!

  3. For the love of god please post some video and commentary on what’s going on in Melbourne!
    I’m in the outer south east and I’m only getting MSM BS , l want to know what’s really going on .

  4. Last generation they disarmed you, this generation they attack and intimidate you, next generation they enslave you – anyone else see the pattern here?

  5. Never lock yourself in a room with a Catholic priest or a mainstream journalist. The jornalist will do to the truth what the Catholic priest will do to your arse.

  6. Well done, Rukshan. Victorians are better off for having you continuing to cover the events in Melbourne, and it’s great that what you’re doing is also show casing to the world just how far this great country of ours has fallen.

  7. Avi, Rukshan & Cossack all good. The rest of the mainstream media outlets can go burn in hell for lying, cheating, psychologically and mentally abusing all fellow Australian's.
    Sky News you are as rotten as them all.

  8. dan is not god dan is locking everyone up trying to save us from this so called virus which has a high survival rate please stop this madness let's all get back to work learn to live with this like the flu

  9. This is great.I really appreciate the open comment section with this network. Mainstream news networks should take note. Makes you wonder why they keep comments off. Are they affraid or hidding of the truth?