Outsmarting a Virus With Lockdowns and Rules

“Somehow public health officials thought they could outsmart millions of years of evolution by beating you with batons, or tracking your Facebook posts, turning you in for posting a picture of yourself at the beach on Instagram and that was going to outsmart a respiratory virus? These people are insane.”

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Written by Discernable


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  1. They knew they weren't trying out smart millions of years of evolution. Just as long as they outsmarted billions of people. That's all that mattered to them.

  2. ["Did they really think they could outsmart a Virus, duh i don't think so; they have not proven this Virus exists; no isolation, no purification, no characterisation, nothing except a computer generated piece of nonsense; they knew what they were doing alright which was following the Agenda 21/30 plan for a great reset where human kind will be reduced to utter slavery, if we let them;"]i, a man: all rights reserved.

  3. For the AU gov it was more about ''outsmarting'' a population that is so willfully ignorant, narcissistic, and sadistic on average it boiled down to the most basic of shit tests focused on petty control.

  4. IMO, the more we seperate our everyday exposure from nature by living and working in concrete boxes and sterile environments the more likely we are to de-volve.

  5. Our Government is corrupt and so stupid,the most Vaccinated country.
    Natural immunity is best,as stated by Israel Doctors,now the vaccinated only have a short time to live.
    Immune system has been depleted.

  6. The whole thing is one big charade.
    CDC documents admits its never been isolated…but people fail to grasp this..instead running around with their useless compliance mask on and getting tested for nothing…complete paranoia

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