Over 1 MILLION Democrats Quit And Join GOP, Democrats PANIC As Roe Ruling Escalates Civil War

Over 1 MILLION Democrats Quit And Join GOP, Democrats PANIC As Roe Ruling Escalates Civil War. The executive Branch is outright defying the judicial as conflict in the streets escalates.

But the good news is that Democrats are losing and the people of the united states have issues a repudiation of leftism and progressive politics.

The country is in shambles, gas prices are skyrocketing, and people are fighting in the streets. Joe Biden has failed and the Republicans are poised to dominate in the midterms.


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Written by Tim Pool

Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world. Stay tuned for live news, livestreams, breaking stories, everyday and a new podcast episode of "The Culture War" every Sunday at 4pm. Use the email below for any business inquiries.


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  1. U could remove the baby and it could live… ya. On someone else's dime. So do women have the right to cause innumerable tax burdens or do they not have freedom of association.

  2. "I can charge mar car with the sun!" How many thousands of dollars did it cost you to do that? Once you get down to a break even point a few years down the road it will be time to start replacing the equipment. Free green energy is never free.

  3. People who live in rural areas live by the mantra "I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6." The idea these idiots have reminds me of the scene in The Dark Knight where Reese wants to blackmail Batman. GOOD LUCK!

  4. Abortion isn't going anywhere.
    Surgical/Medical Abortion, specifically, is what will be restricted in the Red States – until their Voters decide otherwise OR the State Supreme Courts override the restriction/strike down the abortion ban.
    What will increase MASSIVELY is 'Abortion Tourism' and Pharmaceutical Abortion.
    States like California are already ramping up for this increase of Abortion seekers from Red States.
    And pharmaceutical Abortion, which already accounts for 53% of Abortions in the US, will likely grow to possibly 80+ % of all US abortions.
    The Pharmaceutical Industry will make massive profits – and they also buy fetal tissue for drug testing and development. It's cheaper to use fetal stem cells, than to create cloned stem cells. All our COVID Vaccines were developed using fetal cells.
    The Pharmaceutical Industry has 'Deep Pockets' and is willing use the money to 'Lobby' US Politicians – both Democrats and Republicans.

    Abortion is here to stay – and, unfortunately, be constantly used as a 'Political Football' in US Politics.

  5. I'm literally from one of those "rural areas" and we laugh when we hear Starbucks toting leftists puffing their chests out🤣🤣
    Do any of you know how to hunt, fish, garden, build anything, fix anything and effectively operate any weapon???
    I actually know people that build pitfalls and dead falls and spring traps on their property…
    To protect their survival storage goods that are buried around their property

  6. Its completely disingenuous for Democrats to claim to represent that which is lawful when over the last few years we have seen them more than willing to ignore the law. People notice this and eventually they just can't vote Democrat.

  7. The argument isn’t about abortion it’s about personal responsibility and accountability for your actions or non action and not wanting to except the outcomes of your failure to be responsible

  8. We are not ready for electric cars as a whole. Not enough charging stations, etc This was rushed on the American people when most can’t even afford an electric car. With a no care attitude, resentment just grows. They’ve destroyed people living on a budget struggling to just get by. All we have is our votes and vote we will!

  9. All they have to do is show an actual abortion on billboards if that doesn't change your mind then you're an evil devil that's what changed my mind I actually saw what it was

  10. A "friend" on FB posted that people who want to see less of what happened with Roe should ask for the R ballot for the primary and vote for the specific judge they want. There are no D judges in the county so, to get a more liberal judge, she's telling all of her friends to primary out the other judge.

  11. For every political person who says the supreme court is irrelevant or anything demeaning like that, they need to be impeached. Elected officials only want power. And the court is a limit on their power, that is why the hate the courts.

  12. I live in a small rural town with only a a couple thousand people. Theres no grocery stores, no police stations, and only one traffic light in the entire county.

    Everyone here bleeds red, white, and blue. We all are proud of being southern and American. We all fly rebel flags, american flags, and trump flags by the thousands. I can promise you, if antifa or blm came through here to riot and protest over Roe v Wade, with our limited police response, we wouldn't hesitate in the SLIGHTEST to unload at 2400 fps. In fact, we'd relish the opportunity to make America a better place.

    The last thing leftists want to do, is pick a fight with conservative Southerners. We make up the highest percentage of military enlistees in the country, and we won't even bat an eyelid when we stretch yall between 2 pick up trucks, throw yall in the swamp, and turn you to gator shit.

  13. The democrats only needed the one term to line their pockets,
    – people will blame Joe, they make off like bandits, and they don't want to win another term, – they'd have to pick up all the pieces, and tidy up all the messes they've created….

  14. Tim, you are wrong. The AR-15s and such look scary. It is the old boy with his dear rifle who will punch the tickets of city fools. Scopes and rifles for deer. elk, or pronghorn can put down a city fool before knows he is dead. I am from near Boston. Trouble come marching up and country folks send it home from behind every tree. I read an article in the American Rifleman. In vietnam they found extra semi auto fire training was more deadly than full auto fire. Ar are also designed to wound people. Hunting weapons are designed for clean kills. When a civilian defends their home, a dead attacker means the attacker will not attack again. Gang or BLM style attacks are not likely to follow the Rules of War.

    Friends, The song a " Country Boy can Survive. " says it all. Vietnam taught many of them how to deal with invasion. There is not enough military and police to deal with folks in the country if the knives come out. That is why the second Amendment scares the Left shit less. It was designed to stop a runway government if voting failed. Now every service person vows to defend the Constitution against " Enemies Foreign and Domestic. Those Oaths do expire with ones service. People imprisoning Americans without charge or trial are open to be called Domestic enemies of the Constitution. Yup, you have power over unarmed civilians, but armed civilians are another matter. Star chambers like the Jan 6th hearings only display current power If a republican government comes in, they will be washed away by a functioning legal system. Trials where no defense is allowed are not Constitutional.

    I know country folks I consider myself a displaced country person, a refugee from the solid traditional lands the Left hold so much in contempt. My brother is a former cold war soldier. Deep down he shares withe the Marines, the feeling He is only inactive. His Oath lives while He Lives. I am disarmed and I never served. I am a student of country people, and history. The South may not rise again, but pit the Cities against the Country, and the country wins. It would make the last Civil War look like a Tea Party. The cities cannot feed themselves and they are close to ripping themselves apart now.. If things get serious, the Watts riots will look like a peace march. I hope for a sane return to the rule of Constitutional law and peace, but the signs are not good. God help us.

  15. I live in a town of 200 people in Iowa and I can definitely tell you that if you come here and try to start some shit, you're going to have a really bad day. Please just stay home and think about all the good things in life.

  16. …Tim is sensuous…I am gay, however I know a stupid man when I see one or when I hear one or when I read one. And some of them are so mean and envious.

  17. Who does one appeal a SCOTUS ruling? Send it back to SCOTUS with different arguments? Appeal to God? Doubt it as God is not for abortion and He knows that there is no reference in the Constitution to abortion so it's a state issue. Or they can get a new amendment to the Constitution passed giving the right to kill babies to US women.

  18. Let's go back, back, back in time, back to the Kent State University riots.

    One of the reasons that the riots were contained to the city of Kent was because EVERYONE knew if their shenanigans flowed into the surrounding very conservative farmlands, the rioters would disappear and end up as fertilized or pig food.

    To say that rural America, where (at that time) police response time was timed in hours not minutes, is strapped is a major understatement.

  19. Insurrection.
    The Demonrat party ALWAYS projects their own illegal and evil activities and motives on their opponents in order to confuse low information voters.

  20. the left had best listen to Tim. Yes I live in a very small town we have no local police which means you bring it here you can get shot in the middle of the street and nobody saw a thing. We in small towns know what side of the bread has the butter on it.

  21. Instead of saying civil war and you do a good job at explaining you don’t mean muskets but a divide of people in the states. It’s now called a great divide of the United States

  22. You are correct about intellectual property making more money right now be wait until we all get hungry then what will be worth the most a movie or a chicken. By the left calling for national laws they have f++ked the cities they have control of and now trying to f+ck the conservative places now. Most people that are consertave would LOVE for them to bring the violence the left has started buying firearms but don't take the time to train with it I pray everyday I am wrong but I don't think so

  23. They think the people who actually know how to aim one are "defenseless". Someone needs to tell them that a brain is also a pretty big factor in survival- but of course, without one, the tiktoker wouldn't comprehend that.

  24. If you bring violence to my town, you will find out why fucking around was not a good idea and what caliber my retort will be.

    Hint: It starts with a 5 and gives zero fucks what youre hiding behind.

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