Over 37% Of Truckers Will QUIT Over Vaccine Mandate, Biden Is Actively DESTROYING The Economy

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  1. Tim again being ridiculous. I used to be a long haul driver. About a dozen years ago I started to notice a major demographic shift in driver population, and saw the writing on the wall. Don't worry folks, there are plenty of "New arrivals" to your country that are willing to work for nothing, AND take whatever shot the company tells them to.

  2. No dude. You have zero clue wtf hyperinflation is. This is just inflation. Hyperinflation only happens when the dollar collapses then hyperinflation follows. There’s actually great opportunities to become massively rich in such times if you know how to invest but good luck with your rice and beans and tuna collection Tim.

  3. You know Tim has no clue what he’s talking about as far as safe investments go when he says silvers a good bet because it’s “$18-20” an ounce 🤣🤦🏻‍♂️ really Tim is it? I’m guessing this dude doesn’t own a single ounce of silver gold or Bitcoin.

  4. Your friendly but serious reminder.

    The Rapture of the church and second coming of Christ draw near. Seriously consider accepting Christ's sacrifice and payment for your sins and start creating a solid relationship with Him now.

    If you wait you will likely remain on earth for the 70th week of Daniel AKA the 7 year Tribulation. Which will make what is happening now look like a picnic.

    God loves you and wants you to join Him in Heaven and the glorious eternity afterwards. Don't delay for time is short.

  5. Remember Tim. When you point a finger at other "spineless cowards" who ran away. While hiding in your mansion and all of your "minimalism". There are still 3 fingers pointing back at you.

  6. I turned off service to my smart phone over 5 yrs ago. Guess I was ahead of most. I suggest everyone does and get you a cheap flip phone without internet. I havent bought one, I actually leave the house with NO phone. Crazy concept right? To me, no.

  7. I'm happy your resisting but, Protesting isn't enough, those in power has to go! Every single one of them!

    They will not STOP pushing these clot shots UNLESS they die. Let's all TEAM UP and fight them!!!!!!
    These EVIL people know better.

  8. It's not just about food at Walmart or your local grocery stores. Nearly everything you purchase hits a truck at one point. Manufacturers across the country won't receive product. Thousands of people will lose their jobs due to lack of supplies.

  9. He’s destroying the entire country and its international credibility;
    Supply chain,
    Boarder policy and migration,
    Afghanistan pull-out,
    Vaccine mandates,
    Green New Deal,
    Basically, everything he touches.

  10. I have a mate whose theory is they want these people to quit so they can automate it all then let the middle states dry up and die, lock people in the cities and unable to travel out of the pens because COVID then the powers that be live in their little despot city states

  11. It's not really joe's fault though is it? The problem is that people are stupid and don't want to take responsibilities for themselves. Well, that's what you get. Welcome, to the dystopia you all worked so hard for

  12. I guy I knew started working under a major Chinese entrepreneur. He had to fly to China for the interview and was told to go through the diplomats' line at the airport. He said they were traveling through the US once, and stopping at a bunch of cities and asked about hotel reservations. Was told "no, we have a mansion there" for each city they went through.

  13. Most of us (truck drivers) are anti social. I’ve been doing this 20+ years, and I know a lot of guys that have never owned a computer or have ever set up email. With California cutting off a lot of owner operators because they have “older” trucks. No one makes money sitting waiting. Paying over $400 every other day for fuel, you have to be moving to make money

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