Over 800,000 Servicemen Face Court Martial For Not Getting Mandatory Vaccine, Biden Admin Under Fire

Over 800,000 Servicemen Face Court Martial For Not Getting Mandatory Vaccine, Biden Admin Under Fire. With the crisis in Afghanistan and the Democrats abandoning Americans in favor of aghan refugees a hit to the U.S. armed forces could not come at a worse moment.

While this is typically Democrat and Biden pushing vaccine mandates Republicans seem to be doing absolutely nothing about the emerging crisis.

While the threat of China looms, the US falters in Kabul, now we have the real risk of decimating our Armed forces over the vaccine.


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. I'm glad you think it is safe. I get it. But I have had several friends who have really bad reactions to the vaccines. I already had covid at the beginning of all this mess. Almost killed me. Now I'm long haul. I will NOT be getting the vaccine at the advice of two of my doctors. Not everyone should get this. It needs to be a PRIVATE choice between the individual and the doctor. But globalists don't like that. Force EVERYONE to take a medical procedure for compliance. Doesn't sound like America to me anymore.

  2. A. This shot(lt s not a vaccine. Has many foreign particles in it which has nothing to do with covid). B. It was not approved. The emergency shot(ak… vaccine) emergency time frame was extended How can it b approved when every lab animal given the shot has died within two months. Which equates to two human years. We have no idea what will happen to us in two years.

  3. These people should get vaccinated but that having been said, I think it's good for the nation at the moment that they are refusing the vaccine. It means 800k military personnel who won't be coming against Americans at the behest of Biden and Milley. It will hasten the Great Divorce which by now I believe is necessary. Don't worry about Taiwan. Japan, India, Australia and their allies with defend Taiwan.

  4. How is it worse than the influenza?! This thing has completely replaced influenza meaning child mortality is Way down. In the current depraved and corrupt culture, losing members of the public that didn't bother Once mounting any collective actions in their entire lives against the hostile takeovers of our societies by malevolent and hostile forces. Sure do what we can for them but not with Any noticeable burden on the future generations. Older people who do not view the younger generations as the primary focus of societal duty, don't deserve any respect in any form.

  5. Not The Long Run, but what does this mean in The Short Run?
    Why does no one ever ask WHY people are not jumping to get this vax?
    So many are just anxious to wag their fingers at others and do not really careWHY people have not gotten the jab.
    It’s worth considering. Why are so many reluctant? Sure, we’ve all heard all the threatening talk, we know “people die”, but we do not choose to follow this mandate. I am healed, do not need it, am fully glad Don Lemòn and other cnn employees are not my doctor or nurse. Why are many people in the medical field not agreeing to get vax’d?

  6. This Administration does not care what rips this country apart. Could be the NoVaxers; Could be those that protest the admission of so many Unvetted, NonAmerican Afghan Population; Could be the mandate for Military; Could be the Rolling Lockdowns; Could be the Social Credit Score?
    MyMy, what WILL it be? Hmmmm. So, why don’t cha wanna get a lil shot? Why? Why? Why?

  7. I see a lot of NJPs coming…aka 15 day barracks suspension and forfeiture of pay. It's commanders descretion. However if they're smart they'll support Marshall in which case they will find that they can't force them to get a vaccine

  8. People telling you they got shots without knowing what they are either entered half a century ago or are lying. They are required to tell you. Informed consent is still valid in the military. I was told everything I got when I entered

  9. Darn, we got no rights? People who did not even serve get to make these decisions. WTH! Remeber when Biden, Fauci and Pelosi all said they could not mandate the vaccine? Look it up if you don't believe it.

    Remember the draft deferments for Brandon???? He used that exemption numerous of times with no problem at all. All his request got approved. We are just sheep and slaves to the system. The Navy is the first one to get rid of people. Either you get the shot or you got to go. They will not approve any request. Talk about troop welfare and support. You all know you can still get the virus and spread it even if you get vaccinated right?🤔

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