Over TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND – What they WON’T show you

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20 November 2021

The biggest protest in Australian history? Reliable estimates put today’s crowd at 200,000 people at least.

Full video and speeches coming soon.

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Written by Melbourne Ground


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  1. We've been praying for you folks down under. Thank God you've found your voices and are now taking to the streets peacefully in massive numbers. I don't care if this is an unpopular statement, but we are all seeing what it is like under a godless globalist elitist regime. This is an opportunity for revival and independence. Stay strong and feel the power of the Holy Spirit rise up as you take control of your lives and your Nation's future. If God is with you who can stand against you? Call upon the Lord Jesus Christ to rebuke and cast out the evil that has corrupted our leaders, and to make a way for new accountable governments.

  2. Keep protesting…..the old saying is once you open the door to tyranny the only way out is to shoot your way out. Hopefully these tyrants can be destroyed peacefully time will tell.

  3. Andrews has to be asking himself "how much can a Koala bear?" Politicians cannot walk down the street without hundreds of Police escorting. The voting public is on the streets every weekend in numbers soon to top 1,OO0,000 people. The Labor Party is under water in the Polls, the Liberals are scared of the Patriot parties – the Prime Minister cannot end the vaccine mandate quickly enough. Nuremberg 2.0 is on the way.

  4. Government is too busy labelling the people as fascists, right wing extremists, domestic terrorists, conspiracy theorists, anti vaxers, ignorant fools and violent protestors. How much more proof before you realise you are wrong. People dont want the bill, there are major flaws in it, which you refuse to acknowledge, weve seen you in action with the temporary powers. Keep going victorian labor party, clearly your winning our votes.

  5. I deleted my check in app.

    By the way the New Zealand government is pushing a similar bill which includes a clause to have unconditional seizure of any property you have (Including intellectual properties) with no path for recourse.

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