Overuse of Monsanto’s Roundup Is Creating Herbicide Resistant Weeds

Taken from JRE #1722 w/Bartow Elmore:

Written by PowerfulJRE


  1. Legit, as a farmer/farm manager and former commercial applicator, glyphosate barely kills weeds. In 1996 when it was introduced into crop genetics it worked so well that guys misused it and put very low rates on to save cost. There is a recommended level to use, ounces per acre, and guys would use fractions of that. Couple that with spraying "off label" meaning that guys let weeds get to big and then try to kill them. The labels say you can only spray so many total ounces a year, also they recommend that the tallest a weed could be is like 6" or something similar to a beer can. Most weeds will be 2-3 feet tall before they get sprayed. As an ag industry we screwed ourselves.

    People that don't commonly use it bring up agent orange as a scare word I feel when it comes to 2,4-D. Just remember as john q public living in town, if you spray your dandelions or have a lawn service come out your just blasting it everywhere. Add in to golf courses and their overuse in the past of 2,4-D and Dicamba to control weeds in the grass. As a spot treatment it is always over applied just like when you fertilize your lawn. In farming we use precision equipment to accurately apply and monitor an exact rate per acre. However, that was not always the case due to the lack of technology of the past but I just don't want everyone pinning this on farmers. As with anything there's 2 ways to frame it or viewpoints to look at it from. I can speak to the fact that the generations before me have left us with a potential weed mess that will lead to tillage becoming more important again.

  2. I'm no scientist, but I'm pretty sure you can use concentrated hydrogen peroxide to kill any vegetation. Do "they" really need to "search" for an alternative?

  3. A study needs to take place on the plants and how they not only survive these chemicals but become stronger. There could be a follow-up study that can research if we can create a way to use the evolution of these weeds in our physical human bodies. Maybe that could help those of us affected by these chemicals. Just an idea.

  4. climate controlled greenhpuses are the duture of farming. 5x less land everything organic or can be. with less land composting becomes logiatically feasible. drones can spray neem oil or insecticidal proteins etc. farmers save on land costs their biggest pain and the saving gets passed onto the consumer

  5. Roundup is not a pesticide, its an antibiotic.
    It destroys the a pathway bacteria require to stay alive. The issue is we have bacteria in our guts that we can't live without

  6. I work in the lawn care industry and I can tell you that roundup is the last thing we use and usually it’s for dalisgrass only since msma was pulled for commercial use. We have to constantly rotate the products we use to avoid resistant strains of weeds. One thing that keeps coming up in our industry is the roundup ready turf grass that will be coming out soon that will be able to resist a blanket spray of roundup with no damage. Every landscape and lawn care company will push this and the amount of roundup being used will skyrocket.

  7. Reading all these comments shows how naive people are. Yes glysophate has some weed resistance. It was caused from people using it at half rates and not using any other modes of actions. Glysophate is a tool we use but we use it in combination with other tools. Weeds are a number one crop limiting factor. And with glysophate so many climate smart practices can be utilized; including no-till and cover crops. So many people don’t like it and I get it, there’s a lot of illnesses in this world and we wish there was one thing to blame to explain it all. With that said: someone give me a viable solution and we can go from there. Also, monoculture is not a thing and organic farming is sustainable.

  8. Careful how you talk about herbicides. Without glyphosate, 24-D, crossbow, dicamba ect. We would not be able to support the world's population. I hope there will be a better option, but this is what we have for now.

  9. @ 2:04 " It was all designed to be healthy"

    No it wasn't. The facts are that Monsantos roots are in Nazi Germany.. Instead of poisoning the people directly like Agent Orange, Gas chambers.. They went into poisoning of the food and insects and the micro-life.

    Vandana Shiva has lectures on this.

  10. The Atrazine inside this popular herbicide causes frogs and rats to become homosexual, and able to switch genders, and also able to make generations after completely infertile. There is a great scientist that travels the world revealing these studies, I am high and his named slipped my mind, but he was silenced by Mansanto and threatened and Risks it all to get this out. Alex Jones referred to all of this when he came out and said "the frogs are gay" these were the studies he was referring to. Alex Jones told us sooo much but his delivery was BATSHIT so people just didnt take him seriously. Mansanto has an agenda for Population Control. And J&J. And Nestle. And Kraft. And anything from P&G This shit is literally designed to kill us. Many corporations have life insurance policies on their workers. Sometimes up to a million on a worker. They call them Dead Peasants. Corporations benefit off our deaths. The pharmaceutical industries profit off our deaths. Insurance. The hospitals. They all have one goal. They are all rubbing elbows with each other. Laughing all the way to the bank. People like Dick Chaney who owns Haliburton and Fema and so many other companies that only profit off Americans dying. Even the Fema shelters built to help people in Distaster are toxic boxes of Cancer.
    Also, the amount of runoff of bad water that makes it into our water treatment plants cannot filter this stuff out of the water. The water is being recycled over and over again and things like hormones from birth control and everyone pissing out all these hormones and kids taking injections of testosterone it's all going down the pipes and drugs and medications that's all going down the pipes everything is going down the pipes and it's being recycled and some of this stuff is not being filtered out of the water. Joe Biden's plan to go green and all the fracking that they want to do is basically going to pollute any freshwater river that we have left in the United States I think that is the plan to turn every bit of the soil and the water and the air and the food as toxic as they can and then they're going to shove pills down her throat to make it better until we die. Either way these snakes that are the Elite profit off our debt and the depopulation and the infertility of our youth.