Owen Shroyer Faces Charges For Being At The January 6th Protest

Tim, Ian, and Lydia join Dave Smith, libertarian and comedian, and Mike Heise, founder of the Mises Caucus to break down an InfoWars reporter’s new chargers after his participation in the January 6th gathering.

Dave Smith
Mike Heise

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  1. The United States also made an agreement with OPEC that the only currency used to purchase oil was US dollars in exchange we would defend them. This way other countries buying oil had to exchange their currency to dollars therefore had to do business with the US.

  2. The government is force. The founding fathers knew this and attempted to ensure that force would be decentralized, thus securing a governance by consent.

    We the people no longer have the will to apply force, thus we have lost governance by consent.

  3. You let one ant stand up to us, then they all might stand up! Those puny little ants outnumber us a hundred to one and if they ever figure that out there goes our way of life! It's not about food (masks, vaccine, etc), it's about keeping those ants in line. That's why we're going back!

  4. But what is the issue guys, stop talking about it and use your beloved second amendment and take arms against a tirranical government no? I mean given you sacrificed so many lives to keep this amendment at least use it?

  5. While many of the ancient Greek city-states were nominally (Limited) Democracies, in practice there were at least times when instead of elections, they drew lots and the winner (or loser, depending on the circumstances and how the draw went) was in office for a year. It was argued that both processes were ultimately under the control of the Gods, so there wasn't any important differences.

  6. On approval ratings, there's also a tendency to rate the guy you voted for higher than the overall rating given to body in which they sit. The overall approval of the host would be substantially higher if calculated based only in people rating the person they elected – not politicians elected by others. It's related to the tendency to assume we're smarter than average.

  7. Owen didn't do much of anything.. I watched his live stream from the 6th. He did nothing wrong, he was asking people questions and getting interviews – not only that but he was doing his best to stay out of the way… This is obviously nothing more than a personal attack on him for both his politics and the fact he's with Infowars.. And there is zero doubt these malicious charges have no legal standing – this is clearly a case of "charge him just to punish him and let the system take it from there and figure it out"… This is without question malicious……

    I love my country but I hate the government and the police for that matter.. I mean the cops are just as bad as the Brownshirt Antifa, they either do nothing or they enforce edicts then they have the audacity to claim "look, I don't make the laws I just enforce them and follow orders"… Not only that but I have a feeling that our government – the establishment – is going to attempt to use the Capitol Police as their own personal army against political dissenters – wait and see. They'll have national jurisdiction soon enough and will operate much like the FBI or DEA but will answer to Congress..

  8. Tim has this one backwards. Whatever your feelings on Owen, the charges against him are to distract from the fact that they have nothing on Alex Jones. Owen's charges will be quietly dropped in a month or two on a Friday so the weekends news cycle buries it.

  9. It is the house of we the people, unfortunately the war criminals believe it's their house and that's why they're attacking anyone that was there because their (self described) house was invaded – and now they want retribution, not only that but their "authority" was challenged so they want retribution and punishment for that too.. This authoritarian fascist government is sending a message and that message is "any peasant that challenges us will be disposed of"….. And keep in mind that these congress critters are weak and nothing on their own – of course that's why they keep getting jacked up on camera in their own districts because of their own policies – without their security they're NOTHING, they're marks – easy targets, so right now they're puffing their chests and chucking the book at patriots from behind their security trying to scare patriots into giving up their country, civil rights and freedoms then submitting to their "authority"… It's disgusting.. These criminals need to be reminded that this is OUR country not THEIR country and that they're merely public servants and you don't treat your constituents like serfs with no rights – they answer to us, we don't answer to them – this is not a monarchy and they're not members of a royal family. This nation was founded in opposition to than brand of government and here they are 235 years later LARPING like it is a monarchy and they're the royal family and untouchable.

  10. They are doing their best to get any other news to take our attention off Afghanistan. Arresting folks for a mistmenor of trespassing. And upgrading the charges …b.s politics

  11. Does anybody else remember watching (on January 6th, just as people were starting to March towards the capitol) some dude who was 'caught' on video yelling at the "Trump" crowd something along the lines of, "come on! GET UP! Nows your chance to fight. Get up & fight. LETS GO…etc" and then off camera you hear someone say, "we need to get these people fighting".
    I think the guy on video who was yelling at the crowd was wearing a blue sweatshirt? 🤔
    I've been wondering what happened to him, if anything, but if anyone else remembers that and/or knows anything about what happened to them that would close a chapter of my life that needs closing. …

  12. Voting tip, "white supremacist" is code for "I don't have a real criticism of my opponent so slander it is"… As there aren't any "white supremacists", this means your choice is clear.

  13. If the Government says gold is money, then that makes gold a fiat currency. Nixon introduced the floating exchange rate currency against international exchange. It is a BRILLIANT system.

  14. People do not go to jail for not paying their taxes. That is NOT TRUE. People go to jail for not FILING their taxes. You can file and not pay and never go to jail. It's called BREAKING THE CODE

  15. So Tim will vote for someone if they promise to offer something? That's part of the problem we have now. These people promising the moon if you vote for them but then after they're in power they do what their rich owners want instead of what they promised you.

  16. The problem isn't the system, but the people within it. Society is becoming less moral in some ways, so politicians get away with more because we're not as willing to hold the accountable.

    I guess also the system has been co-opted to allow politicians to be able to separate themselves from everyone else and fail upwards, as opposed to being punished for failure

  17. Not one single Democrat will pay for their crimes ( “ NEVER “ )
    People like =
    Maxine Waters
    Nancy Pelosi
    Obama and his husband
    Hillary and Bill Clinton
    And the rest of the swamp is and will always be protected by the government and FBI and continue to protect the crooked Democrats

  18. Convention of States have been written in the blueprints of the Constitution. 15 States have passed this resolution. 9 Have passed the first chamber. It takes 34 states to call the convention and 38 to ratify any amendments that are proposed. This is worth a look and please get involved.

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