OWNED! Texas Dem FORCED To Admit Their Entire Political Show Was BOGUS!! You Are UNDER ARREST.


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  1. Mr Cotton let her off easy. She did not answer the question, and I would have insisted until I got one. The question was "Last time you flew did you have to show your ID? Do you think that's an unfair restriction for your ability to travel?", her answer was "That is the policy and I am a rule follower and I'm happy to abide by it because I can.". Being a rule follower and being happy to abide by it because she can does not answer the question is it an unfair restriction for her ability to travel. You see the wordplay she did here? She's saying she'll abide by the rule BECAUSE SHE CAN, implying that those who can't aren't happy thus unfair to them. Dodgy, nasty people.

  2. They can admit to anything they want. But nothings going to happen to them. The Republicans don’t push hard enough. So the Democrats can do what they want and then they walk

  3. With the great border security put into effect by the Democrats where they are just inviting people from all over the world to just walk into the United States and become citizens and now just handing Afghanistan over to the same Anti American terrorist organization who we liberated the country from 20 years ago, I bet it won’t be long until they devise a plan enact some Taliban style payback. That is after they get done slaughtering all the current members of the elected government and anyone else who voted or supported the government in anyway.

  4. Confederacy of Dunces comes to mind, however a true dunce can be forgiven. ODST we are under the sway of a confederacy of morons, con men (and women), criminals and incompetents – likely a combination of all.

  5. The purpose was to pave the way for ballot harvesting via fraudulent mail in ballots so they can cheat for any election. Needing an ID for such prevents that.

  6. It doesn't do much beyond sending them back to work. I think the citizens should sue the Texas Democratic party for breach of contract in civil court and bankrupt the association

  7. I live in Germany but Im not german citizen. After 1 more year I can try to get german citizenship but before that Im EU citizen from EU country called Lithuania – a little country. I got robbed after 2021 new years and I lost all of my documents. I have no job or income and I had to save my money (220euro) for 6 months to drive to Berlin to Lithuanian embassy and order new ID card. it took for me 24h to drive with a train and after to pay 120e for document only. Germans pay 36euro for new ID card. It was hard and expensive, but I did it anyway to get my rights back that ID card provide me. if I can do it, everyone can do it! P.S. In Lithuania ID card cost only 10e… its so expensive for foreigner, but its not a million!!!

  8. Vets civil arrest warrant can turn into a felony arrest warrant 4 Define the Texas Constitution and the warrants for their arrest and their orders to come back and once it's a felony arrest warrants any law enforcement can lock them up and extradite them back to Texas