Ozzy Man Reviews: Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard [PART 1]

Here’s me recap and review on the first 8 days of Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard. I’ve utilised the good old fashioned Game of Thrones format I used to do 🙂 LIKE and SUBSCRIBE plz. Hit the notification bell! Seriously, do it.

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  1. What I find interesting is that these Hollywood types try to push their political, moral and philosophical opinions on us “lessers” when their lives are complete disasters. The repeated stories about cocaine, alcohol and pill abuse are shocking. Definitely not the examples of morality that we should be listening to.

  2. No shit, true story, 2010 Johnny is in Hawaii shooting POTC 4. I take my boy, super sparrow fan all dressed up as jack to watch them film one night. Johnny comes by to meet my boy, my boy super happy, dream came true! I thank Jerry Judge Johnny's security at the time RIP. Long story short, when the film premieres at Disneyland, Johnny gives our family 4 front row tickets to the film! Awesome fucking guy!!!

  3. It was a toxic relationship. Maybe they both lost their shit and smacked each other around. They should have both been grateful to part ways. No need for it to have escalated to this extent. I think Amber is the main culprit, but it takes two to tango. If Johnny has lost his career as a result of her untrue or simply exaggerated claims, he is still somewhat responsible, and it was a privileged career to begin with anyway. There is nothing stopping either of them from going out and flipping burgers for a living. They are entitled to nothing from eachother in my view.
    I know this isn't a popular view, and I am not a 'feminazi' by any means.. I just think there is no such thing as being completely innocent in situations like this. They both obviously have serious mental issues that have impacted on the relationship and caused damage to eachother. They both need to grow up and get therapy and move on.

  4. Does everyone in the world have greedy low life lawyers like we do in America they will rob you blind and then throw you under the bus for that precious precious dollar

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