PA & GA Polls Join TX Lawsuit, 3392

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  1. If Supremes Ignore the fraud then … We will become a Dictatorship based on fraud and NOT A Republic. The Supremes will impeach themselves into terrible, severe consequences for our country.

    President Trump would still, if he wishes, have several Directed Actions to halt the Criminal Conspirators. All involve patriotic forces against Insurrectionists and traitors.

    Cheers and

  2. Legal argument has little chance of success due to intimidation and threats to Judges, lawers and witness's. Democrats are always in violation of the constitution. Declair war and mashal law

  3. My understanding is that all these states are basically just writing legal letters to the Supreme Court in support of the TX lawsuit and are not petitioning to be added to the TX lawsuit as though they're plaintiffs as well. If this is true I would rather see all these states file as co-Plaintiffs with Texas and or file their own lawsuits with the Supreme Court with the TX lawsuit as the basic model for their Complaint.

  4. This whole over-hyped scenario sounds really 'iffy' to me. Does anyone still above room temperature actually believe that this corrupted mess will allow itself to be remediated, minus considerable horrifying blood-letting?

  5. The legalesque motto above their portico
    is now only a laughingstock.
    "NO" do I hear?
    Frilly, silly impotent Law has failed!
    Now comes her mother Necessity!!
    She is the baddest of BAD news!
    (King George III found this out handily.)
    : | :

  6. That summary is not entirely correct. The state lesigstrators have the ability to put a vote on the floor to declare a winner irrelevant of what the population may or may not have intended. That is to say they can pick either party if they so choose.

    This idea of the voice of the people is some what distorted the individual citizen was never intended to make this decision it was always the state legislation that was suppose to choose the president. The process we go through was meant as a guide for the legislative body in making their decision. Our founder wisely and correctly realized that the average person could not be trust to make such an important decision.

  7. This is it. The courts either step in now and save the Republic or the Military needs to be called up to put down this insurrection and arrest all these god damn traitors. .

  8. The supreme court must take this case on damn it do your job or we do not have a fee country it is vital that our goverment act as it is desighned to operate!!!! It is time for oue judicaary to act and DO THIER JOB IT IS BLACK AND WHITE PERIOD!!!!!!!

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  10. My compromise would be that Biden can be President of the four counties in PA, GA, MI, and WI that show tremendous voting irregularities. Trump is President of the rest of the country.