Pandemic Bill, Legislative Assembly LIVE

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Written by Melbourne Ground


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  1. never heard of him,, is he a red shoes click member? his constituents most likely are to follow. these people are insane and who do they think they are thinking people want to hear their gobbo,, haha fitting

  2. This government spends billions of dollars on the vaccine that doesn’t even work and still want to throw money away on forcing people to get booster shots. When will they realise …

  3. Throughout history, traitors have put their mark in history! Dan has found his traitor to get his plan through! If this bill is passed, it will go down in history and the people will never forget being sold out by their government and they will always remember the traitors!

  4. Stop getting tested because each test is destroying the 1 powerful card our body & soul yes soul has PINEAL GLAND ❣❣❣❣ & I READ EVERY SECOND $1000 IS PUT INTO PFIZER'S POCKET. X 24 HOURS …..DO THE HOMEWORK….& RESESRCH. ✌❤

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