Pandemic Bill, Legislative Council – LIVE, Parliament House

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Written by Melbourne Ground


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  1. Sorry to break it to you people. Its passing, they have the votes. All this debates are just show, something for the people view. Smoke and mirrors, they have already made up their minds on passing it, many months ago.

  2. The government should immediately be arrested and put under military tribunal for even introduction of such a Bill. They all have to be judged for coup and executed.

  3. How can this bill can pass anyway? it violates the constitution law of human rights that requires a referendum to change the legal system in the constitutional for it to be a legal bill of law. I'd like the police of Victoria to look into this before carrying out any orders if the bill gets passed tonight.

    If its in violations of the constitution that requires amendment of rights in the constitution associated of rights given to the people then it requires a referendum. I don't care who Dan Andrews is or what gets passed he ain't above the constitution and police must ignore any orders for the bill till a referendum is held by the people to allow the bill to be legal if it requires any amendment to the constitution legal system. As it states in Australia constitution that any amendment or change to the constitution must be held by only a referendum

  4. labor votes mean nothing now that we know they sign a pledge to vote with the party, regardless.
    I mean think about it, not a single one disagrees? You can't even get two family members to agree on a topic like this.

  5. Us as the Australian public also have a view, I don't agree with people being abusive or threatening.
    What about the police hurting people, threatening people .
    What about people who have lost homes, business.
    What about people loosing their life too suicide.
    What about the innocent babies that died ?????
    What about our lives.
    The Daniel Andrews government has caused so much damage that people can't take anymore.
    People are fighting back.
    So as I said I don't believe in aggression.
    However at the same time you want respect and to be treated like a human how about you, your colleagues who support this tyranny have the same respect for us that you ask for
    I feel sick to the stomach
    I am genuinely worried about my young adult Childrens lives, my future grandchildren lives.
    I myself like many have suffered at the hands of this Nazi Andrews Government.
    I have also been homeless
    Forced to put poison in my body from the vaccination that has made me not very well.
    I have anxiety about my future, and the Australian people's future.
    If this Bill gets passed I need to move interstate.
    Because honestly I can't cope with another lockdown or the tyranny ways of the government.
    And I'm sure many other Victorians feel the same .

  6. Only labor and Andrews would set this view of communist agendas over the power of the regular government towards the power towards the sitting government as is at present labor and this president will fall in three states if set in Victoria this bill is treason and a verge of terrorism towards the citizens of Victoria and Australia as a whole

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