Pandemic Bill, Legislative Council – LIVE

Fiona Patten attempts to justify the bill and her support of it.

If you aren’t doing anything important, you should be watching this:

It starts again at 4:20pm.

Written by Melbourne Ground


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  1. Why are you comparing with other state? All states are as bad and saying that you are doing what other states are doing is just not good enough! All of Australia is protesting and you are happy because other states are doing this too! You ridiculous puppet! Stand down now! You are not protecting no one by halving the fines! You all need to just stand down now! Sold your souls to the devil!

  2. They keep living the lies and ignoring true and authentic science and outcomes. This is probably one of many battles until the majority say no more. We may not like it, but adversity builds strong souls. We are already seeing true leaders rising for when the house of cards falls.

  3. I’m sorry but there is no other way to out, if you think the way it’s framed is all fine and measured and for “protection” you are ignorant, don’t know what you are talking about and a useful idiot in paving way for what comes next

  4. This Corporation headed by Andrews is in a draw of the Securities Exchange Commission in Washington DC. Like all Aussie Governments! Look it up if you doubt! We are governed as a conquered people.
    Are you starting to feel like the original nations of this land?
    We should join our cause with the tribes, the first Aussies and re birth a new Nation

  5. Fiona Patten should not, under any circumstance, be voted back in the next election. She has demonstrated she has no regard for the people of Victoria, apart from her support for Daniel Andrews. Why she is not a member of the Labor Party completely defies me when she has voted with them on every piece of legislation so far.

  6. The best protection of the Victorian's lifes is through the resignation of the premier Daniel Andrews and his mobs. This bill, in the proposed form. must be ditched as never required.

  7. Trying define the difference between to OK terrorism a prison sentence and not wearing a mask? That view of laws who try to define that kind off reason to differ is only that off thought's off a psychopaths or a sociopath.

    These politicians are psychopaths. You can clearly see that the way they look to define a value a reason for their speach to differ what is reasonable and what is not reasonable. Theirs nothing humane in these people.

    Human rights is OK to violate as long as you live? . And using terrorism jail sentences to moral a differences to justify for people who do not comply to unjust laws a jail sentence. That senator is a psychopath. And anyone is a fool to listen to it.

  8. History shows Laws that impose an authoritarian dictator & rule by decree impugns democracy, thereby sows the seeds of distrust, discontent & groundswell for political change. (Judging from the rapid growth of alternate political parties the groundswell of political activism & political change is rising in Australia). 🇦🇺

  9. Health workers with common sense and complete belief in science that is not allowed to be debated have not supported you whoever you are. Why don't you check the 65K + on Telegram and see what they have to say. Rot in hell all of you with your weeny lady Lucille 😡

  10. and when this bill is passed..they will wait a while…then amend it again right back up to full plenary powers…and abuse of these powers…if it passes…it will be day of infamy in Australian history

  11. Bottom line Advocates of legislation that people believe oppresses them in anyway , are pocket lining bludgers , and must be resisted by protest or any other means necessary to maintain a free and Democratic society who are in agreement with proposals that will affect themselves and their family , not a minority who wish to follow an egotistical TYRANT , FIGHT FOR FREEDOM TRUTH AND SANITY AUSTRALIANS ,

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