“Pandemic Is Over!” Declares President Biden

At the Detroit Auto Show for an appearance on 60 Minutes, President Joe Biden declared that the pandemic is over. Not surprisingly, handlers immediately started walking back the President’s comments, but the impromptu announcement nevertheless caused a great deal of controversy and heated reactions, both from COVID skeptics and COVID alarmists.

Jimmy and his panel of The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle and Convo Couch’s Craig “Pasta” Jardula discuss whether the pandemic really is “over” and what that even means.

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  1. In Canada the political and public health class are calling anyone who wants to go back to pre covid norma are far right extremists . The word normal we have been told is rooted anti vaccine anti mask ideology. So the word normal has a new definition. Will Webster publish this new definition of normal. Normal is defined as anti vaccine anti mask ideology

  2. When they say Putin is trying to recreate the Soviet Union are they afraid he will create competition for their own version of the soviet union they are trying to create though the WHO.

  3. Nina is using the exact same language as Trudeau . He also said we might be done with covid but covid is not done with US she is just another Politician reading from the same neo liberal script. Watch this become the talking point for the next few months we might want to be done with covid but covid is not done with US . In Canada they have said they are non longer recognizing fully vaccinated its now going to be up to date on you vaccines if you have not had a covid booster in the last 9 months you are now unvaccinated . With some public health officials calling for boosters every 3 months. Quarantine centers are still being built and staff still being hired to run them .

  4. Oh, what a good question Jimmy asked close to the end of this video. Why should big pharma keep $100billion, most of the profits made from the vaccines, which were funded by govt money through the NIH? I agree totally. They should NOT! If the US govt (or any other govt in any country) is funding such research (or any other research btw), the govt should keep most of the profits. And this should apply, in all sectors of the economy funded by tax payers money. Most profits made, MUST be paid back into govt treasury…

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