Pandora Papers: Leaked Documents Expose Global Elite

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Written by Jake Tran


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  1. so weird and disgusting how politicians sit across each other, act serious, praise each other, act authentic and professional, while both know the other is bullshitting and both are extremely corrupt and nasty leaders. they deserves Oscars, as so many people actually admire them.

  2. iPhone 13, iphone 13
    I found out ur channel long ago bt I didn't watch that much n I ws trying to catch up by watching all ur latest videos n the way u says iphone 13 in all ur latest videos distracted me a lot n I didn't learn anything tq …Aw love ur video plzz keep on uploading more catch topics like thisi

  3. you left out her royal highness… Queen Elizabeth II. 65million dollar property in Qatar. she bought off a billionaire douche who in the western world would be locked up for life.

  4. Cool video but you could've done better with respecting ethnic names and at least trying to pronounce them well. Your attempts at being funny were painfully ignorant and cringy to listen. Hope you do better

  5. "We only know about this thanks to Pandora box" Lol whole entirety of Russia knew about Krivinogih and her affair with Pootin. She and her kids even became a meme for being called "these women" by Putin.

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