Panel: Is Biden A HYPOCRITE On Press After Refusing To Hold News Conferences?

Team Rising reacts to calls for the Biden administration to be more transparent with the public.

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  1. These Democrat hacks are just intolerable. What did Trump lie about? To pretend as if he lied and these sacks of garbage do not is just crazy. (Giggle giggle giggle) Saagar, you're one sad pathetic little weakling. No balls whatsoever.

  2. FYI: your audio levels are sometimes about 80-90% what they should be. Watching other content, I often have the volume below 20, but I have to jack it up to 30 or more for your segments.

  3. 'Even more transparent than Obama'. Actual meaning "FU guys, I ain't talkin, copper!"
    1:35 'Biden's pledge for more presidency?' what the hell was that? The guy's been around DC for 47 years, he was the effin' VP for 8 years, and just NOW he and the buffoons around him realize that they are expected to hold press conferences while being 'more transparent than ever'? They are more transparent than they realize, and it ain't good….

  4. Karp appears to openly support and buy into the hypocrisy. Also not sure calling something millions of people supported an anomaly is a great take. I think she represents the blindness to reality in the DNC.

  5. He can't do everything and call it a lid at 17:00…. Compare Jennifer when she was on the show during Trump and the way she spoke. Now watch her voice, her posture, facial expressions, the way she answers questions… She hates the questions now she is much better at attacking and Orange Man Bad than trying to justify Biden

  6. Jen has to go. I’m fine with her support for her party, but the blanket statements and constant opinions unsupported in facts is a poor reflection on the party she is representing on the show. She sure likes to brag about all her friends and their gossip, but someone who has first hand knowledge or at least brings facts to support their position would be better suited for these panel discussion.
    Kudos to Rachel for sticking to the facts.

  7. I mean, Trump was so damn Transparent, you hated to see him every day on TV lol. But Jesus, ole Joe is nowhere close to being transparent. People couldn’t handle themselves with Trump in that they wanted him to be even more open and scrutinized every single word he spoke! Whew

  8. The conservative person on this segment destroys this liberal person. What she basically said is that there will be an elaborate machination to keep Biden from speaking too much. “Various spokespersons” my ass.

  9. His handlers are keeping him on a short leash because the know he will step on his tongue if he speaks. Everyone knows it and soon they won't be able to hide it.

  10. He’s not a president stolen votes and corrupted doesn’t count need to put him in nursing home poor old man he lost his memory , he just a puppet peoples control him behind