Panic Has Officially Set In.


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  1. Potatohead Biden's recession is that wild roller coaster at the county fair that once you get on it, you are not sure if you will actually survive it until it comes to and end unless the track gives out first, then all bets are off.

  2. They were forecasting "Winters of famine" and other horrible things during the outbreak of COVID-19… toilet paper aside, the economy and "food shortages" were not that bad.

    Fast forward to now, they're saying everything's great when in all reality, things are not.

    At this point, when do the fucking aliens show up? Because this clown world can only get more ridiculous from here on out…

  3. Feckless Joe "THE BIG GUY" Biden is the only WORST, the only SENILE, the only RACIST, the only WEAK, and the "ULTRA CORRUPT" president in the US history.

  4. Okay, one thing that really pisses me off is when conservatives start playing BS games. I am a true republican and dislike dems very much. At the beginning of this episode, it showed a meme of Jozo air shaking no one's hand. Well this is BS because I reviewed the real tape and he was asking if he should exit the stage in that direction. He wasn't "air shaking hands". It is plain as day if you watch the entire thing.

    As republicans, we must lead by example and not do the same crap the dems do. This tends to discredit us and gives the dems ammo. Everyone knows Jozo is a lame duck, but fabricating stuff to make him look even dumber is totally unnecessary and makes us look bad. Keep on with the blunders and idiocy clips of him and his admin – I love those clips – we just don't need to doctor them. He will put his head in a noose all by himself.

  5. That's not the issue. The issue is going to be the Biden depression and the Biden famine. This administration is basically sitting in the corner, hugging it's knees, rocking back and forth, and talking to itself instead of doing something to change things for the better.

  6. The U.S. dollar is worth 40 cents, to ball park it. Why am I paying taxes for 1,000 dollars that's only worth 400? Shouldn't they be taxing the value of the money instead of what it says it is. It's a thousand dollars but it's only worth 400 so I should be paying taxes on 400 not a thousand. Right?

  7. I believe we are heading for crash in market and most people are going to lose their savings! I think inflation is going to be double digits!
    No one job is safe!!!!

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