Pardon Snowden & Assange

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  1. i dont understand why you talking about a Pardoning snowden their just going kill him anyways the second he steps in the country the president regardless who it is hold no power and neither the Pardon those who have money and as many know have power cuz money talks and for Assange their not going to do it right now only the way hes getting out is if the English government let him go cuz they know this is not their business or they have him hold up until when they ppl come crashing in on their government to let him go which would end in a bloody fight * FIGHT* as in beating or literally beating or killing the politicians to where they ppl call the shots which they do i mean english government does not have any power over its ppl at all like " nothing " and they know they cant raise their hand at them without getting their hands bitten off and to protect those welfare queens ' royals" since they have zero value in the country

  2. Not only should they be pardoned, they should be given medals and Snowden should be given an oversight role with real power in the government (he has shown that he can be trusted with it for the benefit of all).

  3. Didn't totally understand Assange's story. After watching all the information on him, I see it has been a government and establishment lie to keep the truth from the public. Assange was doing his JOB and having a conscience by recognizing 4th amendment rights for us AMERICANS. Open your eyes and un-plug your damn ears people. There is more than enough sources to show he was being a journalist. Looke up "Honest Government Ad | Julian Assange"

  4. I think Trump should be allowed to stay if he really wants. He could get his own playpen in the white house, a little replica of the oval office with a plastic children's telephone that isn't connected to anything.

  5. I don't know, why not just drop the allegations – both cases are built on bullshit and not factual evidence so from a technical standpoint there's nothing to pardon.

  6. all I know Mr Edward Snowden if there's any more information that you have that we need to know especially about this Pfizer vaccine please spill the beans let it be known cuz I've read somewhere that the Pfizer vaccine has synthetic DNA and on top of that they're shooting you with HIV

  7. In the powerful keep getting away with it because we keep enabling them and we just keep submitting ourselves to them by not putting their fucking feet to the fire starting with the Roman Catholic Church Hollywood a lot of Hollywood actors say like that like it's really time to start glorifying the people behind the power because that's not going to get us anywhere the Lord is going to come back in 2021 man I'm telling y'all he coming back or something because 2020 has been real fucked up

  8. And they're still spying on people the fact that social media was used to find the people who were in protest and they were cops and they found them because they didn't find them they stopped spying on you

  9. assange and snowden are targets of the security state —–a pardon would make them re-target trump ,and he is vulnerable financially,and by the way the security state doesnt give a rats a$$ about your ethics, morality and journalism

  10. If I was Snowden or Assange I would be very leery of a pardon knowing of the corrupt establishment and justice system combined with the hate they have for Trump. They would probably be thrown back in jail on some other BS charges .

  11. War crimes is an odd concept. The civilian population is just a bunch of potential soldiers.
    If we become powerful we have a responsibility to obliterate our rivals.

  12. Turns out it was a good thing Snowden didn't get to Bolivia. When the CIA helped overthrow Morales last year the coup government would have turned him over to the U. S., so for now he's better off being a guest of Putin.

  13. The reason they didn’t start a war with iran is that they are waiting for kamala to be president so anyone criticizing is either a sexist or racist just like how they used it under obama. It has nothing to do with nuclear deal.