Parler Usage Skyrockets as Twitter Alienates Half the Population

#Parler #AltTech


  1. Didn't Trump get sued for removing followers on Twitter and lost, correct? So if he is forced to maintain followers, shouldn't Twitter be forced to allow all presenditial communications?

  2. Trump pisses me off because he should have given alt tech attention a long time ago. He could have helped these companies get bigger and create more jobs while exposing tech giants nonsense. He could have put his communications on multiple platforms to circumvent them trying to circumvent him. He was the one we needed to cut big tech control down some.

  3. I seem to recall something about public officials not being able to block followers. One could argue the Twitter is blocking the followers of a public official illegally by censoring the politician directly.

  4. Here's the actual problem: You can't "push the line too far," as if there were some magic, clear, objective point at which censorship is "OK" and "it works, at this level but no further." There is no "try" with censorship: you are either doing or you are not. Once curating and deciding who can speak is in play, the entire focus of debate goes to who has the authority to silence whom, and the original discussion is out the window. Mind you, everybody has a right to censor or police their own property, their own platform, and their own associations, but once someone does, it is no longer "public;" it is private.

  5. OAN is interesting… but a little fishy… ? Proceed cautiously. Fix News may be about to permanently shut the door on unsubscribed Trump supporters, via IP addresses, & OAN is the bait. (Fix doesn't want their new delicate virgin snowflake audience to have to deal with reality & reverse trolling. Fox shadow-banning Trump supporters appeared to have increased significantly last week.)

    I just clicked your Parler link and every video started to play at the same time. The voice of God then spoke to me. Following on from God's advice, I am now a white nationalist! Thanks.

  7. "As long as it is not criminal" why can entertainment people think they can hold up heads of Trump as if they beheaded him and threaten his existence? Nothing happens to them. Like when that guy said how long ago did an actor kill a president? If Obuma were in office t