Parliament CANCELLED

Scott Morrison is trying to shut down democracy, running scared from scrutiny, by shutting down Parliament.

Written by Julian Hill MP


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  1. The Liberals are running the biggest diversion campaign in history. This is another tactic devised to take the spotlight off them. With summer coming Scomo will look to 'bread and circuses to keep the citizens occupied. You wait it will be Cricket and Christmas from here on in with lots of "How good is Australia?"

  2. Julian, I am a subscriber, could you PLEASE run as an Independant?? We NEED people like you! but DO NOT tell me Labor would be any different in power … They have not stood up ONCE against mandatory vaccines. just the other side of the same coin. Albanese is a FKNG joke and Shorten is even FKNG worse!!

  3. Dutto and ScoMo are the only 2 in OZ who actually know what's going on. By March 2022 the country will be very different and the existing parliamentary will be dissolved due to the removal of the Commonwealth and the death of the Queen. All of this including the plandemic was done for a reason. Laugh at me now. Just sit back and watch. It's gunna be a bumpy ride.

  4. Sorry Julian,
    but they shut down democracy in Australia a long time ago
    and all those corrupted politicians have just run with it and enjoyed the ride.
    Scott Morrison and his cronies know that they are on the slipperiest downward slope
    and that he will not be elected into office again by the people of Australia.
    So now Morrison has made it that they will have a closed secret court
    and together they will now have the full authority to put in and pass bills of legislation,
    that will further demoralise and deconstruct our country and society.
    That gives them 6 whole months of installing, altering, deleting, omitting or doing whatever the hell they want,
    with no thought of consequence for their actions at all.
    But for those that are corrupted the writing was already on the wall for them anyway and they will be held accountable and judged accordingly by the people of Australia.

  5. Well Julian I’m livid. We have no democracy and we’re paying being big money for these pigs in a grandmother who will protest even if those thugs bash me

  6. This country is out of control people .
    Laws , Bills , and god knows what else is being changed daily to suit there needs in parliament . Seriously you couldn’t write this madness for a horror sci-fi .
    Yet it’s happening everyday here .
    Is there anyone out there that can help ☹️

  7. This proves the guilt of our PM and Politicians with their part in Covid in Australia by being in bed with the Davos Cabal. This puts each State in the hands of their Premier without anyone reigning them in. Like Andrews in Victoria becoming a Dictator. Of permitting States to make Vaxxes mandatory while the Federal Government isn't permitted to make Vaxxes mandatory. This is pure lunacy. We need to be watching our Northern Borders more than ever before. Will China decide this is the time to invade?

  8. Is that like when Andrews pushed through the pandemic bill to a vote in the lower house after only 2 hours of debate (when its normally debated for 2 weeks), so it wouldn't be questioned?
    2022 will be the rise of the Minor Parties

  9. If only they had real jobs were turning up 48 weeks a year 38 hours a week was the norm. And I don't mean at fundraising events or media dress-ups. Actual work would be nice.

  10. hardly any point in them sitting when everyone votes on party lines and policy is decided by advisors and bureaucrats and rubber stamped by the parliament.

  11. Brilliant,your of many discontent in the Australian Parliament. The rules of the Westminster system must be changed to stop loopholes like this to twist the democratic law of parliament, it's not fare or of any justice attached to it.
    This is underarm cricket tactic. liberals will give up all honour and integrity to win at all costs, when humans give up there Godly conscience, they become dangerous,
    The Bible in parliament was implemented for all the right reasons, the conviction of wrong doing.

  12. It is becoming clear that the only way were going to take back our lives and rights is by force. And physically eject the anti-australian people claiming to be our leaders.

  13. all you do is playfully attack scromo. you have absolutely zero substance.
    why aren't you protesting for human rights, civil rights, workers rights, freedom of speech and freedom of choice??
    Unconstitutional border closures, clot shot mandates, invasion of privacy….??

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