Part 6/8: Police REMOVE the Australian flag pole to “test for DNA”. Locals blame the Council!

The Inner West Council flags saga continues!

Part 1 –

Part 2 –

Part 3 –

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Part 6 –

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  1. gee wiz ;wheres all the world flags too,what about my tribes flag,flag everything.its just a piece of coloured materia,l let it go.there will always be someone who thinks differently.,The more you carry on the more they will

  2. Once again corrupt councillors being caught out in their wastage of rate payers hard earned money I’m sure if govts investigated councils they will find plenty more $$$$$ being moved around in secret banks

  3. why can they not do DNA testing on site the police have DNA forensic vehicles fully equipped
    that truck has DNA all over it from many vehicles it couls have been wrapped upin glad wrap for better DNA non contamination what a joke this has become the police are part of the same as the counsil have lots to cover up by doing this also get rid of the flag pole job done no more Russian flag or pole now just australian and legal land holders flag good job counsil you really stuffed up big time……………………. quit now

  4. i will bet counsil will not ley anyone look at any paperwork that may be involving anyone in counsil they will cover up everything or shred it
    no paper trail no crime no crime all counsil jobs are safe they win and stay in power .
    even without paperwork they are guilty by video that does not lie .but they all do as seen in video quit and walk away let some good people do the job better .

  5. Ultimately the goal of the council is to remove all the flag poles, We all knew this from the start …I hope it all blows up in their faces and the whole council lose their seats at the next election.. bunch of liars, deceitful and totally incomptent in how they waste their constituents hard earned council rates …should be ashamed.!!!

  6. Well, if the corporate flag has been removed by police who are also working for the corporation. What could be a plausible explanation? Perhaps there has been intervention, perhaps the federal governments and state governments have been taken care of. May-be someone else is now in control of certain actions not yet disclosed to avoid panic, concern and turbulence. There's a enormous military presence around our shipping and transport yards. Unforeseen delays, there are unusual amounts of freighters docked without movement. Much shipping staff has been temporarily granted time off for undisclosed reasons.

  7. What a load of bullshit that the police have to remove the flag poles to get DNA and finger prints.

    They could do that while they are standing up.

    It is time that Every house and car should fly the Aussie flag, especially in Burwood

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