Participating in the Voice to Parliament Debate

During a cordial private debate on “The Voice to Parliament” I was reminded that as a naturalised Australian, my input into the debate around the proposed referendum should be minimal to none, and that more broadly any Australian citizens with heritage abroad (particularly non-europeans) should by default vote yes to help correct the inherent racism found in Australian history. I’m not sure if this is the mainstream opinion, but much of the literature found in the media has similar underlying sentiments as to why a yes vote is logical in a progressive Australia.

Whether people vote yes or no, and whether symbolism and tokenism can heal the wrongdoing of the past – history and the lived experience of many people from around the world tell us that responsible government policy coupled with the equal protection of civil liberties and freedoms to ensure that all people can live decent lives is what has the most impact on a nations peace & prosperity.

Written by Real Rukshan


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  1. Just like the Vedda in Sri lanka, all indigenous peoples have suffered and have been treated dreadfully. I do not believe in this two party preferred tokenism we call democracy things will ever change for the better in this regard.
    Maybe we should all just buggar off back to where we came from originally and hand back the keys.

  2. We can’t go back in history! There are no redos! The original Britons were invaded by the Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Vikings, Romans for instance! Horrendous things happened!
    Horrendous things happened here too! Bad things! To the people by whites and to the people by the the people!

    My ATSI friends know that I didn’t take part in atrocities perpetrated on the people! They know how aware I am of their loss of language and culture! They know what I have done to help recover this loss! That’s all I can do! That’s all any white Australian can do! We can’t go backwards!

    Some years ago, I was listening to an Aunty berating a young man who was sent with a group of workers to repair and maintain their community! She told him that Australia belonged to the Aboriginals – get out, give us back our land! He quietly asked her how would they live? She said, “We’ve got the social!” That brought tears to my eyes! That dear lady was so indoctrinated into a victimship and welfare system and she didn’t realize it!

    We are all here now! We can’t turn back the clock! We must move forward together. We are one species. Race is an academic construct!
    Just as the Britons, Angles, Jutes, Romans, Vikings etc amalgamated to make up the British Isles, we also must amalgamate to become Australians! It’s the only way forward for us! There are so few pure blood indigenous Australians now! The process has already started!
    Our priorities should focus on the disadvantaged, marginalised, isolated regardless of gender, race, culture, religion, age or ability etc!
    We can only do this together!

  3. The most Racist culture in my experience of my time in Australia is the Aboriginals you just try walking in certain neighbourhoods Redfern in Sydney or yattern park in Perth without being called a "White Dog"

  4. The biggest problem Facing Aboriginals is the Aboriginals themselves the The Alcohol the female and Minor abuse among their own community the high % of the Prison populations and the only ones trying to make a change is the Female leaders in the remote Aboriginal communities and the first thing they did was ban Alcohol. How much has the Australian Taxpayer pumped into the Aboriginal communities in the past 40 years how many billions ? and was it a complete waste of money ?

  5. Thanks Rukshan, I agree with you on everything. My blunt version is they're taking the piss out of black fellas. They treat them like tokens. I worked alongside them in North Queensland and they're definitely stuck in a victim mentality and they are manipulated and misunderstood all the time in my opinion. I learnt so much from the black fellas I worked with and it's priceless knowledge passed down from elders. I fought many a drunk and witnessed some real tragedy's in their white tarnished way of living. I don't mind welcome to country because I view it as a way of acknowledging the past and showing our regret for our ancestors actions but we're all here now and we can all benefit from the contribution they bring. This added voice is stupid because I believe it ignores what they already bring to the table already. I'm so over white fellas identifying as aboriginal when they're just not and they're taking the piss out of black fellas. It's a typical example of how useless and impotent Labor and the greens are.

  6. Anyone who hasn't noticed the globalist interference in every facet of our society for the last 80years and beyond is asleep ….social engineering and divisionary tactics is but a small part of the WW3 being played out in this and every other country. Thank you for your good works Rukshan.

  7. I think they maybe tricking the originals. They have suffered enough. They are Ozzie's only hope. Noone trust these so called pollies any more their ever changing laws daily on taxes for food, petrol, on everything it never stops let alone all the segregation etc etc etc. I believe this will make it even worse for all.

  8. People who have come to the country in the last twenty years should have no say in this. Your destroying the country. This is next level corruption. You have know idea what these communists are capable of.

  9. You say…"and immigrants who look like me .its not about some white privileged thing " …I guess I might be who you are talking about being a white 10 pound POM, came here in 1961 ,the hostel was paradise , two families to a tin hut (no heating , cooking ,TV etc ,) it was not insulated, freezing in winter like an oven in summer , they served crap food in a warehouse canteen the entrance was next to the killing area of an abattoir, the constant smell of animal shit and blood permeated the hostel and they charged a fortune for families to stay there , at age 12, I felt like it was a prison camp , This hostel was exclusively for the privileged British people, PS. Later we moved to a cardboard box in North Sunshine which was much better. (Brooklyn Hostel , Melbourne) Otherwise your video was interesting and I put a like.

  10. Indians come because Australia was a very good place where any hard working young man can work hard doing jobs that would not pay them very well in India . India has its own problems dealing with the tribals. It has been devastating for the more full tribals on the communities to have demon booze . They would have had their own traditional intoxicants , but after the activists got their way to allow aboriginals equal access to booze we know the rest of the story . Its a white mans drink . I see in India with same booze having been made accessible on the highways all the accidents and crazy behaviours of the men it has cause and the degradation of its society with Englishman booze . Indira Gandhi opened up India to the liquor shops everywhere .Your parents Rakshan would know how looked down upon such drink was .A pious Hindu pr Buddhist would never have done such thing so what happens someone unleashed it onto India and region

  11. My parents immigrated to Australia in the 1950 s . I was born in Australia and have no connection with my parent's countries of origin . Now I am starting to feel like I have no country as it seems that indigenous Australians have more rights than i have. And they have more power as to the direction Australia is heading. This will destroy Australian values and will create division in Australia like never before. Many immigrants who came to Australia from the 1950 s to the present have improved their live's and improved Australia with out excuses. If you worked you got ahead in life and if you relied on government hand outs you did not improve your life. In my life time Indigenous people have had the same rights and the same opportunities as all other people. But its up to people themselve's to want to improve their lives .

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