Partisan Hack to Head Biden’s Ministry of Truth

We discuss Nina Jankowicz, the Russia-hating hack who will now be leading the Department of Homeland Security’s Disinformation Governance Board.

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Written by Primo Radical


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  1. I'm not a socialist in a democratic country that has a communist party and a socialist party, still I respect your pov and share some left wing principles, such as universal health care and a class or elitist vs the people as the canary in the coal mine.

    Freedom of conscience is not a negotiable principle.

  2. Her speech and mannerisms strongly remind me of as we called them in school: "Theater Kids" aka melodramatic people who like acting in plays and musicals. They'd talk exactly like this about everything, what they had for breakfast, the weather, politics, etc.

  3. Historically, the most terrible things – war, genocide and slavery – have resulted not from disobedience, but from obedience. Wise words from Howard Zinn. We HAVE to rise up!

  4. The reason we are at this stage of censorship is because most young people are aware of the USA's imperialist hegemony and are sick of it. They/We want a multipolar world with equality and justice for all. They (USA) don't want that.

  5. This Biden censorship czar is a bold faced liar like Zachary Shahan at CleanTechnica who bans and censors anyone who disagrees with Russiagate or tells the truth that the USA provoked Russia to invade Ukraine.

  6. Like Zachary Shahan at CleanTechnica who bans and censors anyone who disagrees with the corporate narrative, this women is a bold faced liar and corporate shill.

  7. Julian Assange is dying in prison for doing nothing wrong except tell the truth, but this women avoids prison and makes millions as a reward for lying and supporting illegal censorship.

  8. Nina Jankowicz is the embodiment of why so many people are turning to independent news sources for information. Scripted, unnatural, one-sided, veneer of BS. No thanks.

  9. Why does "homeland security" still exist in this capacity? Why are they modifying or quashing 1st amendment? Should be illegal. "Misinformation" or free thought is defined by who, HLS/Jankowicz or the constitution?

  10. the ruble is in freefall and you doing RUSSIAN POPAGANDA WILL NOT CHANGE THE COMPLETE AND UNTERDEFEAT THE NEW RED ARMY HAS AND IS suffering everyday, the truth is not on Putler's side

  11. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Yanukovych's presidential election in 2010 was deemed to be free and fair by international election observers.

  12. I remember girls like this from church. Funny how I never trusted the families who showed up 20 minutes early and knelt in "prayer position" until church started. Got something scary to hide and use theatrics to mask their second faces.

  13. I've always enjoyed your interviews, Primo, and found you to be an intelligent and considerate interviewer. This new show is revealing another side of you. Angry, feisty and disgusted with the current state of affairs. I like it, a lot. Keep up the good work.

  14. "color revolutions aren't dirty, they are expressions of democratic will"

    but people thinking OUR elections are rigged otoh…..




    And must be criminalized and prosecuted !

  15. From here the newest content of yours on rokfin is from 5 days ago; that would be April 27th. This vid is from April 29 here on youtube and does not show there by this title; maybe titled Elizabeth Vos there? Can't access it yet because it is premium content still.

  16. My problem with assange and WikiLeaks is that assange downplayed 911 investigation as "not important", just like Chomsky and hedges. WikiLeaks hasn't released shit on 911 or COVID sham stuff

  17. Thank you for highlighting the highly un-democratic push for Swedish NATO membership. All debate within Sweden is being suppressed, and the ideas continuously being pushed is that we need to become NATO members, we need to become NATO members right now because the "window is closing" and that we need to become NATO members because Finland might become a member.

    How these statements are supposed to constitute "arguments", I don't understand, but their ubiquity have served to underscore how Swedish media work very much like US – they all serve the same interests, whether or not they are directly owned by the same people. That includes state-sponsored "free" media Sveriges Television (Swedish TV) and Sveriges Radio (Swedish radio). We have our own oligarchs, and they seem to work for the same interests as the US empire. :/

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