Patient Interview – Neurological Issues After Vaccination

Patient Interview – Neurological Issues After Vaccination

Today we will interview Shaun Barcavage. He is an amazing healthcare professional. He has been struggling with the neurological issues since his vaccination. Shaun has graciously agreed to share his journey with us.

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Shaun’s brief introduction
Shaun Barcavage is a 51-year-old Research Nurse Practitioner from New York, NY. Prior to joining the medical profession, he had a background in international development; having served in various capacities over 12 years throughout Eastern Europe and during the Balkan War with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. 

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  1. Here is what needs to be talked about is the lymph nodes glands, increase breast cancer, when people have gone cancer free for many many years then they get the Covid shot and people cancer comes back, Commerical Airplane pilots get shot then they die in flight. I don't think I will be flying anytime soon. Vaccine take years and years to get it proven / working. Corona Virus's is a flu Virus.

  2. This is a perfect example of how glazed over our medical mafia system is. They are both missing major points. There are thousands of vaccine deaths and injuries now. The medical system deny life saving early treatment drugs like Ivermectin, antibiotics , steroids, and Hydroxychloriquine. Everything was/is politicized. It’s all about the 💉. …which is clearly doing close to nothing and has created tyranny, economic destruction, job loss around the world. They inflated the numbers with fraudulent PCR tests. People in hospitals dying of cancer , car accidents, etc were counted as Covid deaths. There is a difference between $cience and science. Can’t understand why any logical person can’t see through this mess.

  3. As someone who does have immune and neurological issues… I wonder:

    1. Why does he state he had no such history?

    2. Why do they want people like me to take this?

    3. How many people like me who have adverse effects are ignored as being nothing more than pre-existing conditions?

  4. I am a retired registered nurse and support the right to choose whether or not to take the shot.
    I would not accept termination without documentation. I would certainly have legal advise and representation. I hope all or most of the terminated staff obtain legal representation for a class action lawsuit.

  5. Back in 2010 Big Pharma, inspired by Bill Gates, stated that their goal was to vaccinate every man, woman and child from the cradle to the grave. How were they going to get that going? They needed another 9/11. As soon as a "pandemic" was announced I said "This is it!"

  6. just a thought…this vaccine was pushed out in record time…clinical trials were done…but earlier vaccines before being released took years of clinical trials before the drug companies thought it was safe enough for the public….this covid vaccine was released within less than a year…so all of the side effects have not been recorded …you are looking at a few thousand in the clinical trials. and people working in these clinical trials for the vaccine companies have come forward complaining these trials were not handled properly….. This covid vaccine has been released into millions…so would it not stand to reason that adverse affects not found in clinical trials would be seen now due to the fact that 100 times the people have been injected…now what concerns me is this, .If the cdc and the w.h.o is not interested in learning if this vaccine harms people…Then it stands to reason that they are not interested in finding out if this vaccine is better than natural immunity….Do we even need to keep injecting our bodies with this vaccine…when in fact the immunity of the vaccine itself has found to weaken in people within a few weeks of injecting…I have heard several people in senate conferences who were forth right in discussing the side effects with members of senate….This data is important…The vaccine adverse effects on people is important…The finding out if natural immunity is better than a man made vaccine….is very important…Your health should mean more than a vaccine company and people who are invested in these vaccines getting rich…is your health or the dollar bill the number one priority….we will all find out pretty soon just how forthright the cdc and vaccine companies have been…I pray they cared more about your health…Time will tell…what the motive was

  7. It is painfully obvious the jab caused these side effects. I was jab injured 12 yrs ago, started doing my research…my conclusion was no more injections for me..I would advise anyone to do their research b4 injecting

  8. i refused to have the vaccine bcz i got too many allergies and NHS and my GP respect my request but still sending me text several times . I reply i got strong body immunity that can boldly fight the virus. but i will adhered to wearing mask in public , social distancing and frequent handwashing which until now i am still negative and healthy.

  9. I fell tingles in my left leg and sometines in my thymus area, I believe is my immune system fighting back when iam around vaccinated ppl.
    I have natural immune, not vaccinated

  10. denial of early treatment by government medical societies..because of bound hands..
    IF YOUR DO..

  11. my guess. these injuries will be permanent!!!
    big pharma has created a society ..of innocent patients… that will be dependent for years….


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