Patreon BANS me but allows THIS?? WTF.

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Written by Sydney Watson


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  1. Patreon should do more than just an age verification of the account holder. Just because a person is over 18 doesn't mean they're not using children. Maybe that's what's really going on. What underage girl would willingly post sexually explicit images or videos of herself on the internet? There must be an adult forcing them to do it.

  2. This is what I would suggest that you do .
    Ask your followers to let you know if they sent you money through Patreon and how much .
    Then check your records to see if you got all of your money …
    If not I'd get an attorney to present this to the A.G. and file for an investigation into Patreon accounting dept and it's "policies" …
    IF they took funds intended for you that embezzlement . Which is felonious and then demand an audit so everyone else gets their money as well .
    You'll put them out of business . After that I'd publish a commercial Pay Pal account and get paid directly through them .

  3. I'll bet they ripped you off since they're so entitled and justify their actions that way .
    Demand a list of all the people who contributed money to you and get a attorney to go to the Attorney General to demand a federal audit . Somebody will go to jail for embezzlement and they'll get "canceled" because no one will trust them .

  4. The money is too good for these platforms to hold to any morals. It is yet another example of "the love of money is the root of all evil." There are far too many cases these days where the "safer" course of action for a company is to ban "wrong think" and look the other way on perversion.

  5. These websites don't want to get on Joe's bad side. If they take his favorite content away, they'll be raided by the FBI.

    I should say, if I thought they were actually working with the FBI and local police to create a national watch list, I would consider this a good thing. But apparently, that is not the case.

  6. Family court is separating children from loving parents on the daily. It’s all done for profit. Sure there are cases where mom or dad should be removed, sometimes both. But reducing one parent to a visitor is wide spread. Parents unable to work together creates an unstable environment. The division among parents makes for poorer communities. This is why we have majority schools the way we do.

    Federal funded programs to states has created a new culture where community has little to no say in how their community resources operate. Hell, as parents we are being blocked from entering our own childrens schools.

    Two parents giving attention to raising their kids and maintaining a healthy environment is the key to producing better people which is good for society as a whole.

    Most children who are now adults have one thing in common. They were resided by single moms, their dads weren’t around much if at all. Dads have little to know rights when it comes to parenting. Men who grew up with no dad often lack the principles that goes into parenthood. Not all but I’m sure many have become fans of the playground.

    Courts have not gotten much better. Good luck to the next generation of boys and girls who watched the horror their parents had to go through during a divorce or separation. I mean honestly, it’s usually not pretty and regardless of who’s at fault, the children often lose.

  7. Isn't it strange that every time people say something along the lines of "This is a slippery slope and will lead to bad things" they get blasted for being hyperbolic and fear mongering. Yet time and time again, we are proven right.

  8. well i'm so glad I cancelled the subscriptions to patreon creators I was following but just couldn't afford to pay even that small amount anymore. I refuse to support anything that is okay with children being harmed.

  9. DISCLAIMER: I draw a clear and absolute distinction between the sum total of people who fall under one of the categories expressed by the acronym LGBT and the relatively small faction of highly-vocal, ideologically-driven, and morally bankrupt "activists" and "campaigners" who falsely claim to represent them while actively seeking to destroy all the gains they have made over time by conflating them with the gender self-identification movement. For the purposes of disambiguation, I shall refer to the latter as the Pronoun Lobby.

    The Pronoun Lobby has been quite vocal in its defense against accusations that it intends to extend its membership and protection to pedophiles. Based on what we have already seen when it comes to the nature of their relationship with both reality and the truth, not to mention their total lack of concern for the safety of children, I think we have every right to be highly skeptical of this denial. The fact that the acronym MAP (Minor Attracted Person) even exists is a major red flag. The Pronoun Lobby can act as offended as it wants, but the simple fact is that they have already proven beyond any reasonable doubt that there are no self-evident limits to the absurdities they are willing to embrace and champion as legitimate. In fact, their "philosophy" gives overriding pride of place to the individual subjective reality of highly neurotic people and demands that society subordinate itself to these without exception. Let us also not forget that the Pronoun Lobby is already an enthusiastic supporter of giving minors the right to make serious and life-altering decisions about their sexuality, often without the involvement of their parents.

    I'm not saying that this is definitely going to happen. I'd like to think that the movement will run out of steam and die a natural death before it can. But nor should we be naive enough to believe that a system of thought this devoid of rationality and moral self-limitation can be relied on not to try. At the very least, we need to keep a close eye on this.

  10. You THINK this is hell lol. You haven't seen anything yet. I've never seen so many people trying to make a living by sitting at home on a computer. Get a job, you'll be much more productive.

  11. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I will be leaving Patreon and supporting the people that I follow on YouTube in a different way. However, that works out with that contact maker. I find this practice. Disgusting of Patreon. God bless you and your family. May God please bless those little girls.

  12. It's intentionally it's China they own all of our heavy hitters just about it. So they're screwing with our kids with the tick tock. And academia. And everywhere else they get the chance.

  13. I have listened to several interviews with people who were trafficked as kids … by their parents. One woman was taken to her public school in the morning, snuck out to be trafficked during the day and then brought back before the school day ended, this woman listed many famous people who abused her including the 0b@mas and stated very clearly that Big Mike is in fact a dude with a pen15

  14. be careful youtube is doing the same thing if you look into like i did with my other 20 accounts i had. they will try over and over again to ban you. even have your computer infected with malware. im on my 5th computer. after opening up a "you have been banned from youtube email"

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