Patriot Front “Rioters” Arrested Before Gay Pride Event

Over the weekend authorities arrested 31 members of the “Patriot Front” who had piled into a U-Haul truck, ostensibly with the intent of rioting at an Idaho Pride event. Footage of the arrest has raised questions, however, including about why the arrestees were allowed to keep their masks and backpacks on and whether their apparent coordination of outfits seems a little too perfect.

Jimmy and his panel of The Dive’s Jackson HInkle and American Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the curious case of the Patriot Front planning a long-distance trip to disrupt a Pride event in Idaho, of all places.

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  1. This is the town we live in. My brother was in the area and recorded the event. ALLLL of us agree that this felt like an FBI/CIA false flag event. It was bizarre and seemed so staged.

    Edit: you pronounce it “Core Da Lane”😆

  2. Its lunacy how much the government fears White men grouping together.
    So much so they gotta fake this.
    The message here is clear "White Men grouping together in political ideology is a threat."
    If WM were actually doing this, there would be real change. Fact.

  3. Oh I like the ol “ Tucker” bait click of asking a question to present the premise. So, they unmasked them as they processed them. This is filmed by an anti fascist who was one of the first on scene. She was later hassled by the cops. These guys are getting doxxed right now and zero of them are feds, but again, click bait. Why is so hard to think this is anything but real? Like you’ve never heard of brown shirts. You guys were sooooo wrong on this. This is my first time watching you and all I see are hacks.

  4. I live in Coeur d’Alene where this happened. Both the pride event and these guys are controlled opposition. No one from both sides were from north Idaho

    The cop with the super tight pants, I coached his kid, lol. He’s was a SRO at the high school

  5. Even though the FBI kept their khakis on, they at least changed their blue shirts to a different blue shirt. Notice that when they were arrested and placed on the ground the bottoms of all their boots were perfectly clean. No one is buying the feds’ bullshit.

  6. Thats got to be the fakest picture,,these guys are all well built,,, and the same size and look more like cops than white supremacists,,,who are usually a little fat

  7. Why only 1 mugshot? Why not 31 mugshots? Camara guy on hand, suspects with face mask. I may of been born at night, just wasn't last night 😕

  8. The West is so polarized right now that no one on the Political Left (not the Social or Economic, or Ethical or other Lefts, just the Political Left) will doubt that these people are White Nationalists. And when they are released (for the outright feds) or not prosecuted (for the civilians who are essentially feds), the Political Left will call it an example of White Supremacy in action.

    In their eyes, this is a win-win-win situation. They can't conceive of a situation where this damages them – which it does.

  9. Clearly a presentation NOT an arrest!, hilarious… The moron corporatist feds/state can't tell the difference between their corporate twisted cartoons and reality 🤣🤣

  10. I agree that all of this is sus, but what is the endgame here? What are the feds trying to achieve? This reminds me of an article I read on CNN this morning about some old bag in Manhattan who pepper-sprayed several Asian women and said mean words–a horrible thing to do for sure–but CNN couldn't find time to cover the Milwaukee shootings a few weekends ago or Billy Chemirmir, who is accused of slaughtering at least 20 older women in Texas??

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