Patriots Confront & Shame Drag Weirdos Grooming Kids At Gay Bar


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  1. You can't just become the district attorney. You have to be part of the agenda to even be considered for that position. Now you see how bad everything is. Wake up! A vote for a Republican is a invisible vote for a Democrat. UniParty

  2. And we have to spend an entire month promoting these weirdos day and night here in the UK and teaching kids all about it, why is it OK to have kids to drag acts behaving like strippers, the world's gone totally crazy

  3. Where is the church?!? If I understand this is Dallas. Aren't there half a dozen megachurches in this town with thousands of members? Dallas theological seminary? Anyone at all protecting the fatherless as commanded by the Bible? People are being exposed everywhere, the good, the bad, and the ugly. This country is a mess.

  4. The place is called Mr. Misster Dallas, Google started deleting groomer comments including mine, yesterday the ratings were at 2.8 out 5 stars and now it's at 3.9 out of 5, they won't let leave a rating and review anymore

  5. When me and my friends were all in our late teens we went to this bar that had great pizza and the employees were real nice but lest us know that we couldn’t be in there because it’s illegal. So wtf is this sick $hit? All these so called parents should be ashamed of themselves and immediately arrested for child endangerment.

  6. Arrest and repair and that took their kids there and close the bar down in arrest every person that was involved in the child molest station

  7. If I'm not mistaken in the state of Texas and man came home to find his neighbor molesting his daughter killed him with his bare hands found in self-defense if you look up the definition of molest whether these children were being physically touched or not they were being molested by the environment they were brought to

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