Patton Oswalt Forced to APOLOGIZE for Chappelle Photo

Comedian Patton Oswalt committed the unforgivable offense of taking a photo this past New Year’s Eve with Dave Chappelle, and was dragged across social media by critics of Chappelle’s comments about trans people. Oswalt felt compelled to issue a groveling apology to distance himself from Chappelle and get back in the good graces of online trans activists.

Jimmy and comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the ways the so-called “woke mob” is now coming for allies.

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  1. Let’s be clear. The alphabet people are being exploited by corporatists and the surveillance state so they can feign morality for immoral institutions, and divide people more generally in the society. Even the CIA made commercials highlighting that they were a “woke” employer for gods sake.. Without this support and endorsement above, identity politics would have little institutional profile.

    I can understand why committed activists will try to push the boundaries as hard as they can. They are true partisans who care about their team first and foremost.

    Everyone else should not pretend that full blown ideological zealotry is to be respected or endorsed carte Blanche. Chapelle’s crime is to find humour in what appears absurd. That people act like this is a thought crime speaks volumes about the crypto fascism hiding under the umbrella of liberalism. It’s not subtle or hidden any more.

  2. im at the end of my tether with this bs about men in women's safe spaces, most of these people are intact and have no intention of "transitioning" and a minuscule amount compared to the massive majority, the 3 trans friends I have are dead against this shite and it's causing them genuine harm.

  3. I like how you're a transphobe if you think it might not be a good idea to transition 5-y.o.s, especially when over 80% of kids who think they may be trans end up desisting, or that it might not be fair to cis women and girls to allow trans women and girls to compete with them in several activities.

  4. Don't you get it Jimmy? Oswalt, like most leftists, aren't liberal. At all! They are whatever they're told to be by the leftist hivemind. They have no real beliefs. Other than money. That's what leftists have always been. Always.

  5. If we’ve learned anything about the woke mob, it’s that you don’t apologize when you haven’t done anything wrong. Tell ‘em to F off. They’re just a bunch douches anyway.

  6. I am saying Patton is "nutballs"- he does not have to do that!! Why did he…Dave is his friend. Friends have different views and we love regardless. I feel bad that he was weak.

  7. I don't know why anybody apologizes to these people, they aren't going to forgive anyway. So Oswalt has humiliated himself and betrayed his friend Dave Chappelle for what? The complete lack of forgiveness or even the consideration of forgiveness – otherwise known as the 'I'll hate you till I die' syndrome is an indicator of a personality disorder, if not full blown mental illness. Normal people are capable of understanding and forgiveness -they don't see every little thing as an attack designed to destroy. I thought the whole point of trans was that these individuals were 100% confident in their identities as the opposite sex so why do they need the validation of universal approval (no one gets universal approval, by the way. Just like Utopia, it doesn't exist) No one is advocating for harm to them, most critics just don't want to take on the burden of continually affirming their identities, because that's not other people's job in life. And it is a substantial burden to take on other people's insecurity and be made to feel that it's your responsibility to compensate for some other lack. That pretty much falls to your mother in life and if you don't have an affirming mother, as heart breaking as that is, that's not society's fault. P.S. Luckily I think Dave Chappelle is a descent, forgiving person and he will probably shrug off this nonsense and laugh it off with Oswalt. Who knows better how brutal these people can be than Dave Chappelle? Maybe they should appear publicly together after this stupid dust-up blows over.

  8. Outside the box, do realize that your lucid and extremely valuable political policy dissections and discussions are being usurped and dominated into 'the void' by being so often sucked into the flappery of takes by some faction and nonfactor that doesn't even register beyond too many zeros to the right of the decimal…and they get all the air in the room? I doth protest…

  9. This is why i so look up to vanessa redgrave. I remember years ago she supported palestine and said so at the academy awards. She was not black balled, but would have been today. Our culture is Crazy!!!

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