Paxlovid and Masks on Public Transit | State of Evidence & Can We Run Randomized Trials

Vinay Prasad, MD MPH; Physician & Associate Professor

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  1. You don't need to do a randomized trial to determine mask effectiveness. You could use micronized irradiated particles that are sized the same as covid and then you have a way to measure how much particle was getting through each mask type. Then you would know if your mask is effective. How come we never have done this??

  2. Why aren't people outraged over First Classers not having the same mask requirements as the rest of us peasants? Where is THE SCIENCE that shows paying more money for a seat at the front of the plane with mask on chin is just as "protective" as the people sitting behind you, forced to wear muzzles?

  3. VP for all the Twitter docs out there who say that can't stand you, they sure seem to watch every piece of content you put out and love to fake outrage on their own pages. Virtue signaling at its finest.

  4. I don't know if you read the comments Dr Prassad, but it would be cool if you addressed the concern that RCT's, as valuable as they are, are also extremely gamable within a system that has already demonstrated obviously high levels of regulatory capture – if the NIH and FDA are already serving the interests of Big Pharma above the interests of the public, how can we have faith that the trials done by say, Pfizer, are not manipulated to achieve the desired result? The scientific method only works if you really honestly attempt to falsify your own hypotheses, or at least empower another entity to do the same. At this point I do not have faith in data presented by big government or pharma just because they slapped 'RCT' on the paper.

  5. There's a reason nobody's doing these trials, because we damn well know that the results would be negative, and that would close the door on their stupid mandates. They prefer to operate in a data void, and pray for miracles.

  6. I love the talking to the future ending. Such a great way to communicate that we should be acting in a way that would stand up to scrutiny for years to come. We have the minds to consider so many different outcomes, but we’re being forced to listen to those that maximize profits and gaslight the populace.

  7. stop giving the benefit of the doubt to the political hacks and tyrants who oppose even trying to understand these issues. there is no benefit to give them other than the cost of their bigotry and bullshit. if you are not willing to test the question you have a real problem with arrogance and using fear and ignorance to control others.

  8. Look, critique is great. Are you this concerned about the vaccine? Some of the all cause mortality effects? Let’s hear about that! You haven’t been around the block enough if you think politics and money hasn’t been running the show for a while now- and all of the research that is down or not down is influenced by this. I’m sure you’ve played the game well to have a career. Speaking of tribal true believers. Ever look at your listeners…? Yes you have. You’ve got ivermectin and conspiracy theorists galore up in here. I guess whatever brings the eyeballs. Bc you always have pre- drawn conclusions and they are generally negative toward anyone knowing anyone knowing anything about the ‘science’ except for well, you and then dismissing entire public bodies that are all we have against a huge political agenda to bend to far right ideologies and noise making antics.

    You’re also an MD in cardiology I believe, the difference is clear in how you look at information and fail to present with a neutral in the moment review of documents.

    Don’t degrade the CDC out of context and don’t diminish the layer of protection masks provide. You’ll be on the wrong side of history here. Or testing or any knowledge of what’s happening in our communities. No one thinks this is handled well but you are basically by de facto adhering to the individual responsibility ‘public health’ approach which is disgusting.

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