Paxlovid Provides ZERO Benefit For 40-65 Year Olds – New Study

A recent Israeli study conducted with more than 100,000 subjects found that Pfizer’s COVID treatment drug, Paxlovid, showed no measurable benefit to patients between 40-65 years of age. These findings are remarkable considering that Paxlovid has been prescribed to countless Americans in this age window, costing the US taxpayers more than $10 billion.

Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the success of Paxlovid – not at treating COVID, but at further enriching Pfizer.

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  1. The CDC on purpose is misleading the people. Sadly the boxes one of the few mainstream media that sometimes tell the truth about the venom. Not many other YouTube hosts that got the courage to try outside of Jimmy and Rizza Islam

  2. You and your ventriloquist, Kurt, might want to read the whole article and stop gas-lighting your gullible viewers: "One caveat of the study is that the researchers did not break down data on younger people with cancer and other severe immuno-compromising conditions, who may be more likely than other young people to benefit from Paxlovid—perhaps to a greater extent than the data showed".

  3. Sounds like instead of the gold standard for medical research they chose to go with the lead standard for medical research, Because it only requires testing on eight mice. It’s much cheaper they can save a lot of money that way, but I can promise you one thing they will not pass those savings onto you

  4. What Joe Biden does is throw billions of tax dollars at a product before actually testing to see if it works. How convenient for the all powerful Pfizer. Yet when they DID test cheap and safe Ivermectin in over a dozen studies outside the US, the FDA and CDC were adamant that doctors NOT use it because they said it wasn’t tested enough. If this doesn’t completely expose our health agencies of ongoing corruption, I don’t know what does.

  5. Avoid ALL poisons fama controlled governments want you to get or want to force on you !!! Especially when the poisons are approved with fake science, or in this case, 50% completely fraudulent science & 50% NO SIENCE AT ALL !!!!!!!

  6. Same thing as before. The makers of Tamiflu claimed that their drug would lessen your flu symptoms 3-5 days over conventional treatment. As it turns out, it reduced your symptoms by 0.5 days. A script costs over $100 per person and it did nothing. This has been going on for quite some time.

  7. So far all medications pertaining to covid don't seem to work and the drug companies that sold these ineffective drugs have made billions….After billions in government incentives before any drug was produced.. un fugginbelevable …..

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