Paxlovid Useless In High Risk Patients Younger than 65 Years (Israeli Study)

Paxlovid Useless In High Risk Patients Younger than 65 Years (Israeli Study)

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URL list from Monday, Aug. 29 2022

Nirmatrelvir Use and Severe Covid-19 Outcomes during the Omicron Surge | NEJM


Study: Pfizer COVID pill showed no benefit in younger adults – Los Angeles Times

Pfizer COVID pill provides little or no benefit in adults 40 to 65

Incubation Period of COVID-19 Caused by Unique SARS-CoV-2 Strains: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis | Infectious Diseases | JAMA Network Open | JAMA Network


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  1. Regarding variant evolution, it was claimed that a vaccination program carried out during an epidemic would drive the evolution of variants. As the authors point out, we seem to be seeing numerous ones. Is this evidence supporting the claim?

  2. My wife and I got COVID in July. They gave her this drug. She didn’t take it. She was in the middle of chemo and radiation. Her symptoms stuffy nose and fever. Oncologist told her to take nothing but her vitamin D. We both were better in a week

  3. South African Comrades Marathon, which has been run every year for many decades (except during the pandemic), suddenly has unexplained deaths of athletes whilst running the race in 2022. Also a number of athletes 'dropping dead' whilst training for the marathon. . . . . .

  4. My son started feeling a little lethargic Sat. Tues night I slept badly, but not until Wed afternoon did I start feeling sick. My thought is that I could have started shedding Tues night.

  5. There are clinical trials being conducted using leflunomide to treat C19 excellent results so far . Here's the Abstract.

    Background: The severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) may persist in patients with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) despite receiving standard care. Methods: In this pilot study of hospitalized adult patients (≥18 years of age), with radiologically confirmed pneumonia who were SARS-CoV-2 positive for more than 28 days despite standard care, were assigned to receive standard of care (SOC, grp I) or leflunomide + SOC (grp 2). After 2 weeks, grp 1 and grp 2 patients who continued to be SARS-CoV-2-positive received leflunomide for 14 days while continuing SOC. The primary outcomes were the rate of and time to SARS-CoV-2 clearance and the 14-day and 30-day hospital discharge rate. Results: 12 patients were enrolled in grp 1 and 15 patients were in grp 2. The 14 days SARS-CoV-2 viral clearance rate was 80.0% (12/15) for grp 2 patients receiving leflunomide vs. 16.7% for grp 1 patients (2/12) (p = 0.002). By day 14, the median time to SARS-CoV-2 clearance was 6.0 days (range 1-12, IQR 1-12) for grp 2 patients. In grp 1, two patients converted to viral negative on days 1 and 6 (p = 0.002). The 14-day discharge rate was 73.3% (11/15) for the grp 2 vs. 8.3% (1/12) for grp 1 (p = 0.001). The 30 days discharge rate was 100% (15/15) for the grp 2 vs. 66.7% (8/12) for grp 1. No severe adverse events or deaths were reported. Conclusion: Leflunomide may improve the SARS-CoV-2 clearance rate and discharge rate in patients with refractory COVID-19. The tolerability of the 14-28 days course of treatment with leflunomide is acceptable. These preliminary observations need to be verified by a large sample size and randomized controlled trial.

  6. Absolute rubbish. Paxlovid prescribed to me male aged 53, 2 days into testing positive for covid. Symptoms moderated within 2 more days and tested negative by day 7. As far as I am concerned paxlovid stopped the virus from moving further into my respiratory system and got rid of the cough. And I was classed as high risk immunocompromised.

  7. For what its worth, my mother just died of Covid complications, after testing negative following a 5 day course of Molnupiravir. It took about 4 weeks for her to die following infection. She was 88 and had some underlying morbidities, but her decline following the treatment was precipitous. In four weeks she lost appetite and strength and was constantly tired. She had received 3 doses of Pfizer, the most recent in May 2022. She contracted Covid around August 1st.

  8. Vitamin D3 folks. A recent study showed that vitamin D3 is critical in preventing the worst outcomes of COVID. 3x bad outcomes for those low in vitamin D3 vs those who were normal or high in Vitamin D3. Add a zinc supplement too.

    I have been taking 2000-3000 IU of D3 daily since 2020. Never had a positive COVID test (swab or blood) and am unvaxxed.

  9. And how come they could repurpose remsidavirr but not ivermectin and hydroxychloriquine??? Ait was because they said they had no treatment for covid that they called emergency use of the vaccine ….. fo we see the hypocrisy there????

  10. Did you look I to the couple murdered in 2017 in Toronto Canada of the man and his wife … the man owned pharma company that madenhydroxyxhloriquine in Canada

  11. It was worthless in young adults who already had immunity from V or infection, which is the people these studies used. This study is not surprising. For the most part, only some of those who are elderly and those with comorbidities can still get serious illness from breakthrough infection after being Vd or prior infection, which is why they benefit from Paxlovid. In young healthy people immunity from V or previous infection will in the vast majority of cases be enough to prevent severe illness and so adding paxlovid on top will not make a meaningfulness difference, so that is why there was no difference between the young group who had immunity and also took paxlovid and the young group who only had immunity.

    According to common sense, paxlovid would still make a meaningful difference if you give it to young healthy adults without previous immunity. Unfortunately here in Canada the government is locking up the Paxlovid and preventing access to it to young people who refuse to get the V. They would rather let you die. Either comply or die. I would personally pay for Paxlovid, but they want to take away my medical informed consent instead and unnecessarily increase my chance of severe illness by denying me access to medication, because they want to punish me for exercising informed consent and not taking the V as instructed by them.

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