Pay Attention Interviews: Elizabeth Vos: The Truth About the Trump-Russian Connection

Elizabeth Vos is an independent journalist and co-host of Consortium News’s CNLive webcast. Elizabeth and Polly talk about the Russiagate fiasco, the Podesta emails, and the role of WikiLeaks and the DNC. They dig into how and why complex stories get so convoluted and confusing, learning the truth and listening through distortions in the media is almost impossible.

Pay Attention Interviews are in-depth conversations about critical, contemporary topics, questions for which there are many different answers. Polly Young-Eisendrath, Ph.D. talks with spiritual teachers, scientists, medical experts, economists, essayists, and social commentators. In Pay Attention, Polly engages dialogue with people who come from diverse political, social, and knowledge perspectives. Her desire is to open new avenues of investigation that will help all of us improve our ability to integrate what is happening in the world right now.

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  1. The actions of the democrats have been a classic example of projection, they are guilty of the very same crimes they wrongly accused Trump of committing. And that is just the tip of this iceberg, when everything comes out we are going to witness a culling of top officials across the board, ranging from media giants to letter agencies and all points in between. The country was very close to falling.

  2. You should interview Helen Pluckrose and discuss the cancerous origins & effects of political correctness. She's a feminist/liberal but became enthralled by the ideas circulating through colleges onRace Studies, Gender Studies, GayLesbian Sudies, Fat Studies, etc… This is the big threat that someone like Trump must defeat. Helen Pluckrose has a 34min talk that will explain everything pertinent.