Payday Loans Destroying Aussies

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Payday loans are destroying Aussies. Let’s discuss how to destroy them.


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  1. Yes, I have 24 people in my immediate family. Mum, brothers, sister + in=laws, nephew, nieces. No Xmas presents, we all get together boxing day. Everyone brings something we all spend the day together. 🙂 dirt is cheap , always good.

  2. Being a product of the Financial School of Hard Knocks myself, I can understand how appealing these loans appear. It is so easy in the abstaince of financial knowledge to fall into the Tarpits…😕☹😢

  3. My grandad used to do something similar when I was a kid. "sorry no present for you this christmas, we've decided to donate your money instead to our church, here's a prayer for you". F U grandad, where's my action man toy?

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