“PayPal Banned Me for Stating Basic Biology” – Colin Wright

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Colin Wright is an evolutionary biologist, journalist and the founding editor of Reality’s Last Stand, a publication dedicated to free speech, science, and reality:

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  1. Colin has been giving exception for special cases “tru trans” for the entirety of his public opinion on this issue. According to all the comorbidities, which are predominately autism, trauma and personality disorders, it’s not logical to say that some people with those issues should mutilate their bodies and pay professionals to “self harm”. If we’re not affirming anorexic people or those who want to chop off their limbs, why on earth would you make an exception for “gender dysphoria”?

    No, Konstantine and Francis, you haven’t begun to “follow the money”. You should interview Jennifer Bilek.

  2. My husband works as a software developer at Stripe. He is very pleased with the commitment of his company to free speech and wouldn’t work there otherwise.

  3. "In the end the Party would announce that two and two made five, and you would have to believe it. It was inevitable that they should make that claim sooner or later: the logic of their position demanded it. Not merely the validity of experience, but the very existence of external reality was tacitly denied by their philosophy."
    George Orwell, "1984"

  4. Can't help think the reason they went after him is. 1) he's clearly knowledgeable 2) has the ability to Debunk there rhetoric and blatant lie's 3) he's clearly credible so much so they see him more of a danger then the usual off the wall conspiracy theorist who is easily shouted down . i wish the poor fellow all the best

  5. A payment processor should not be involved in politics religion ideology or science.
    They should be fined a billion dollars for every time they do that.
    This is an abomonation.

  6. When we defeat The Woke and establish a new world order, those who were too cowardly to speak up today are going to be blacklisted from holding any position of power, prominence or influence in society ever again.

    If you can’t lead when things are bad, you don’t get to lead when things are good.

  7. "You're telling me there are people in the center of learning… who don't believe these things… but will denounce you for believing them?"

    Is this surprising? Scientists are people too. Do you think most of the scientists in Germany 1933-1945 believed in Nazi "racial science"? Of course not.

    But how many resisted it publicly?

    How many denounced a coworker to get his job?

    I've known of very few scientist martyrs. Pretty flesh and blood lot.

  8. The implications of this interview makes it one of the most disturbing.That a citizen with the wrong cultural/political views could be arbitrarily stripped of not only his access to employment but also his ability to purchase and trade. We are on the cusp of dystopia.

  9. This deranged ideology cannot be underestimated in its potential to harm individuals and our society. The one thing that gives me hope are all these individual voices bravely speaking up and pushing back. However I think this effort needs coordination. The so-called 'progressives' have caused the damage and instilled the fear they have because they have coordinated and worked together. I think it is getting that serious.

  10. This guy is an EVOLUTIONARY biologist. He doesn’t even get any slack for believing in the anti-Christian, speciation theory that is slowly getting harder to prove as science matures.
    Today you might get canceled/demonetized for saying there are only two sexes. What happens in the future when one gets canceled/demonetized for not worshiping at some Tech giant’s feet? Am I going to far? I thought getting canceled for claiming that there are only two sexes is going too far. This is purely a Marxist style power play. Wake up America, if we don’t intervene when the movement is small, it will get too large to defeat later.

  11. I remember watching videos by new atheists in the late 2000s or early 2010s. I didn't really much for those based in the UK who ripped into Christianity, I'm not a believer, but the faith is fairly toothless and most Anglicans are hand-wringing liberals rather than the fire and brimstone Evangelicals you might get elsewhere. I was interested in the push back against Creationism, to me the idea of such clearly false, bad science being taught as fact in such a globally influential state like the US was worrying. I didn't believe in banning their speech but critiquing and ridiculing it.

    However, now some of those old new atheists have become rather woke and push an idea of sex and gender that seems to think we have male and female souls which were born in the wrong bodies. Whilst they mock people of faith they believe in this weird mystical thinking that does become somewhat cultlike.

  12. Thank you guys for having Colin on your show, & thank you, Colin, for standing up for the truth. I'm sure you've had your moments, but dealing with the blowback in such a level-headed manner seems damn near super human. Well done!
    I am utterly sickened by how such ideas have progressed in our culture; especially w/in the last decade or so. It absolutely is another form of religiosity where, if one doesn't conform (even if it's conforming to a *falsehood*), they are treated as a pariah, &/or even more sinister…as a literal criminal. I am very scared.

  13. 'What are we not talking about that we should be talking about?'.

    History demonstrates that when the enemy seeks to destroy an object, it first makes a copy of the target. In this case gender is a copy of sex, it is a counterfeit.

    The enemy will then pursue a strategy of destroying it's own copy. This has the consequence of faith & trust being lost in the original object.

  14. "I want to kill all TERFs!" "PayPal and Etsy can't wait to sign you up."
    "Can we have a sensible and respectful conversation about biological sex, please?" "We're cancelling you, you f**ckin fascistic, transphobic, racist bastard!"

  15. China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, etc. must be rubbing their hands with glee as the West just implodes. The one thing that cheers me up is that when the West is taken over by the religious extremists and totalitarian regimes, the Woke Brigade will be the first up against the wall.

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