PayPal Bans “Gays Against Groomers” – Venmo Bans “Free Speech Union”

The latest battle in the social media censorship wars is taking place over – what else? – money. Specifically, online payment sites like PayPal and Venmo are refusing to process payments for sites that have ostensibly violated terms of service – sites like Gays Against Groomers and Free Speech Union. These cases raise important issues about whether these outlets should be allowed to pick and choose who can and can’t have access to financial transactions.

Jimmy and The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle discuss whether this case operates on the same principles as the bakery that refused to sell a cake for a gay wedding.

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  1. What these anti free speech douchebags don't realise they'll come for everyone including them, not just the people they want to censor. So be careful what you wish for!

  2. Y'all see that Paypal and Venmo do business with Prostasia–a support group for "MAPs"… Minor Attracted Persons? aka Pedophiles. So there's that. But Gays Against Groomers is too much for them. We see which side of the "culture wars" they're on.

  3. In 80s Toronto, gay people had to fight like crazy against NAMBLA (North America Man-Boy Love Association) who always wanted to be part of Gay Pride Day. Thank God these angels against predators still exist today. The fight is real.

  4. So banning the president from Twitter and other trash and freezing money from organizations that are not "consistent with liberal values" is fine cause these are done by big tech that spends millions on lobbying, but when a small bakery refuses to sell a cake to gays, it's discrimination?
    Seems legit…

    I'm gay and liberal, but I don't want to live in a world where everyone is forced to agree with my views

  5. Toby Young was appointed by Theresa May I think it was to head an Educational Body, but there was an outcry because he wrote funny un-pc blogs, so he was removed from the post.
    This is why he started up Free Speech Union and they have had major successes saving people's jobs or careers when employers or universities tried to cancel them for Wrong Think.

  6. Hi Jimmy

    We are subscribed and have notifications turned on. You do not appear in our Subscribed list….
    When we search it says we are subscribed but you are INVISIBLE unless we search you specifically..

    This censorship is unreal.

    Keep it up from your Aussie fans

  7. SANCTION THOSE WITH OPPOSING NARRATIVES! groomers & paedophiles welcome tho'.
    Not long before they start sanctioning individuals.
    Oh f'k they already did that! Remember the Canadian truckers?

  8. I remember my dad saying that, the democrat countries will turn communist and the communist countries will come out from under the boot of communism.
    He also said the armed forces will be used to control the populace of it's cou try, than fight foreign wars.
    That was over 20 years ago seems he wasn't wrong.

  9. You only have to watch the video of the Canadian 'teacher' with the massive plastic boobs teaching a class to understand why such groups as 'Gays for groomers' is necessary ! The changing of the meaning peadophile and groomers to ' Minor – attracted person ( MAP) is disgusting but an actual thing in the West. We are being forced through language and policies to acceptance something that most 'normal ' thinking people find absolutely aberrant.

  10. I completely agree with Jimmy here but it would be good if he did basic research on his stories before presenting them. Toby Young is a prominent "vaccine skeptic" and I assume that's why he was banned. Also, it would be good if Jimmy wasn't completely ignorant of what people on the right are saying, so he would know what the "groomer" controversy was about and wouldn't say things like "no one" was criticizing what Trudeau did, when he actually means no one on the left.

  11. I think many members of the right deserve by now that we lefties stop saying free speech was left. It was left – but no more. Now it is just us. All kinds of people are for free speech now.

  12. It's known that f. ex. in Germany many of the major political parties tried to legalise pe*ophilia.
    There was some petition in France asking for the same thing, maybe it was in 1977. Petition was started by Gabriel Matzneff, a known pe*ophile. It was signed by 'intellectuals' and Bernard Koushner, I think he was vice-president of France.
    I don't care if you are left or right, if you believe in God or not: there is a conspiracy, these freaks believe in Satan, and they want to turn everything moral, natural and normal upside down.
    Michel Foucault was supposed to be in "the club" as well.

  13. love your shows jimmy but you are doing what you hate , Assuming toby young is right wing just because he isnt a raving lefty. we might have to redefine the term right wing OR just be proud and right wing and start DOING something , instead of sitting around bitching, thats the lefts job.

  14. I think the scariest part of this technocratic dystopia is this stuff, payment fucking PROCESSORS banning you for political reasons. Again Alex jones was the test, some retards couldn't see past their nose to understand that they were under attack 'oh of course big bad Alex jones shouldn't be able to process payments from willing customers! What could go wrong?!' It will be a very minor consolation when like with covid and vaccines you hear these (generally lefties) finally start saying your words and pretending they never said theirs. Same will happen here, you will be on the street or in the jail cell with them and they start making all your own from 5-year-old points to you.

  15. China just bans sites but you can still get access just shut up about it, the reason why it gets worse in America is because they boasts about how they can get access even after a ban now the government goes all out dictatorship and censor you calling them being dictators. SMH.

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