PayPal Steals from Independent Media

Click here for the full episode, including the extended episode with Mnar Adley, proof that Nancy Pelosi doesn’t care about Roe v. Wade, and a bonus Biden Stoned Moment:

MintPress News’ Mnar Adley has bravely reported on Israel, Ukraine, and national security agents running TikTok. In response, PayPal shut down MintPress’s account and threatened to take their money.

PayPal has begun doing this with multiple independent media outlets who don’t fall in lock-step with the Biden administration’s policies. And it’s gone nearly unreported. Google “PayPal” and you’ll mainly see why you should buy their stock today (!).

And as the MintPress name gets attacked, notice that the people calling MintPress News “fake news” are the ones tampering with the Wikipedia page to slander their name.

Check out the site and read their journalism for yourself. And hurry, because the way censorship has been trending, you may not be able to read them for long.

Plus, Rep. Gaetz and Justice Alito lead Republicans in the Roe v. Wade decision, Biden and Pelosi refuse to do anything about it, and in case anyone forgot, Amazon doesn’t care about its workers.

It’s all this, and more, on this week’s episode of Useful Idiots. Check it out.

Plan C for safe, at-home abortion access:

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  1. Something I have noticed about guys on the shorter side is that they tend to have nicer looking faces. Guys who are too tall often have odd, long faces. In any case, never get a surgery unless not getting it is significantly worse than all the pain of getting it.

  2. The war propaganda machine started after popular outraged ended the war in Vietnam. They knew that, if they were going to do a war again, they had to make sure that they bullshitted people about about the "necessity" of said war.

  3. "Hey baby, I grew up in the literal Truman show house" – Matt Gaetz's bumble profile, probably…

    I mean not exactly a positive characteristic and more of a conversational "fun" fact that's weird as hell to say the least, but uh…idk not much to work with…much like any right-wing ideologue, really not anything to work with, though that won't stop the Dems from incessantly trying under the hollow banner of "bipartisan support" and "getting stuff done"…

  4. Multiple regression (taking all relevant factors into account) tells us every inch above or below 6 feet of height in a man is worth $6000 a year is salary.

  5. Here's another song lyric I think succinctly highlights the hollow nebulous shibboleth of "freedom" incessantly appealed to for just about everything (precisely because its vagueness allows it to be, exactly why it's so useful as a rhetorical smokescreen obviously), from the song Reverie by Protest the Hero:

    Freedom is incarceration by a different name

    I'm free to walk the streets but I'm financially detained

    For anyone who's a fan of unnecessarily complicated prog-metal, their entire album Palimpsest is pretty great, basically a Zinn-esque reflection on the culturally overwritten historical continuity of class struggle and militarism in the US.

    Also of course coming to mind, the classic query posed by Megadeth: Peace sells, but who's buying?

  6. States should be able to decide the legality of abortion. If there's a majority in a state that don't want it to be legal, or only under certain circumstances, then that's how it should be. America has always been a confederation of different states. Each state has different attitudes and values.

  7. I feel like doxing people is a way too displace blame from people who get paid to make others lives harder, over to just anyone. Who the heck sees someone's address online and then decides to go harass that person? It's like, "I was just going to sit here with my Oreo cookie ice cream bitching about Tucker and eat it all day, but then I saw his address in a chat room and now I'm going to get off my fat ass and organize a protest outside of his house." No one, that's who. Maybe one or two people. Anyone who doxes another person should have their contacts riffled through and checked to see if any suspicious large withdrawals were made. Give the FBI something to do besides setting up kidnappings.

  8. so why have not Democ–rats run on this issue in the 26 states seeking to end Roe ???? Trump came thru on his campaign promise and I think he actually is pro choice😮 because it is related to REAL HEALTHCARE🙊🙈🙉 DEMOC—RATS don't want to get in a discussion about REAL HEALTHCARE😃😃😃😃⚡⚡⚡⚡SUPPORT SOCIAL SECURITY ACT 2100⚡⚡⚡⚡YOU KNOW THAT THING REAL DEMOCRATS WON AND HELD THE HOUSE ON THIS ONE ISSUE FOR 40 YEARS🌟SOCIAL SECURITY🌟 WHY ARE BIDEN AND PELOSI AND REALLY BERNIE AND WARREN AGAINST 🌟SOCIAL SECURITY ACT 2100🌟 🖕🖕🖕CORPORATE DEMOC—RATS🖕🖕🖕🖕VOTE 3RD PARTY💥

  9. 34:00 – "fun" fact in checking out this dumb daily beast article: if ya go into the dev source (or the author's page, which has not updated the headline) you can see the original title which is "Pope Defends Putin and Blames NATO for Brutal War in Ukraine".

  10. Man I forgot about Samantha Powers…her hit and run in Africa that one time instantly comes to mind, which I only bring up because…my god, what a damn metaphor for liberal imperialism and its inevitable "blowback" at a micro scale.

  11. There are many men of under-average height who are very attractive. As you say, Aaron, one should learn to be happy with the way God made one in this respect.

  12. Holy CRAP guys! HOLY CRAP i just realized like in this moment how happy i am that you guys are here to represent my broad minded, liberty based, morally grounded enough, slightly silly but very serious millenial non woke politics! Boomers out the way! Let us very smart, very traumatized and very loving mid 30s folks reclaim this land from the masked, the mask enforcers and the ones who have programed them for the coming slaughter!

  13. It’s so disgusting how the president of the United States can casually talk about sending enough weapons to Ukraine that could destroy a country worth enough money you could rebuild a country! This is absolutely disgusting 🤮

  14. Hi! Aaron presents the 'Isn't this weird' segment on surgery to make you taller. Aaron, you are so beautiful just the way you are. You are a really handsome man. Your hair, your height, & your whole person are just right. Much love to you & to Katie.

  15. God, Biden is like listening to ur drunk grandpa discuss something he built in his barn. Instills such confidence in this country! lol also, Katie, ur lookin great. As always.

  16. Sorry for so many comments but what can we do as normal citizens to unite and fight this injustice?
    I don’t think anyone who has a little bit of a heart would oppose uniting to stop the slaughter of innocent people no matter the race, religion or country!
    I think someone needs to formulate a total non aggressive/non violent way to unite us enough where our voice must be heard!

  17. PayPal, in its monetary attacks on independent journalism is basically a microcosm – albeit a less horrifying one – of U.S. sanctioning of other countries. The sound of jackboots on the pavement is growing ever louder.

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