Payroll Jobs Are Down…

Latest from the ABS shows jobs are down based on the payroll data. Could this be an early indicator, or simply data noise thanks to winter holidays and illness across the community? Interesting there were significant falls in construction and real estate sectors. Wonder why?

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  1. The government can always blame the crash which will happen on the BS virus (COVID) , don't forget that the lockdowns are responsible for destroying the economy , enjoy the ride because this is just the start !!.

  2. 2 years of restricted trading for small business has resulted in accountants telling businesses 'go bankrupt , you had all the outgoings and no incoming thanks to govt mismanagement.' Result … unemployment.

  3. Well, well. Interesting.. After the last years I wouldn't trust a single 'seasonally adjusted' data point for at least another 2 years. The best we can do is rely upon our experience with raw numbers and meditate.

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