PBS Glorifies Ukraine Leader with Nazi Painting Behind Him

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This week in “MSM airing Nazi propaganda,” PBS airs an interview with a Ukraine mayor who has a painting of Stepan Bandera, Ukrainian Nazi and Holocaust perpetrator, in the background.

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  1. Aaron and Katie you guys are awesome! I unsubscribed from Breaking Point and Kyle Kulinski they are pushing the fase war narrative and pretending to be different from TYT. They get their facts from MSNBC

  2. I was wondering how lost Useful Idiots had gotten. Aaron Mate and Kremlin propaganda all over it- yeah, really, really lost. Halper has no idea what shes talking about, so this is somewhat forgivable, but Taibbi should know better. How disappointing.

  3. Meanwhile in Yemen, the Saudis continue to triple tap civilian targets while Americans eat a steady diet of outrage at the Ukrainians getting slaughted by the Russians… Too bad the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis that were murdered by the Americans didn't receive this sort of sympathy from the West.

  4. I'm an Australian with a Ukranian grandfather and a Crimean Russian grandmother (and the other side of my family crosses the Catholic/Protestant divide, which meant my other grandparents couldn't get married at an altar… yes, it was a thing in Australia too). I rang up on Katies podcast about a 2015 interview with ex Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser on RT… but it was extremely hard for even me to find, but I finally did it so I linked it below. Malcolm Fraser saw this Ukraine/Russia thing coming, and saw the part the US/NATO was playing : . It's ironic though that Malcolm Fraser came to power in a constitutional crisis that some evidence suggests was backed by the CIA because he got Australia out of the Vietnam war and wanted Australia to join the non-aligned movement. Gough Whitlam was basically Australias Bernie Sanders. He implemented universal heathcare, gave equal pay to women and aboriginals, got Australia out of the Vietnam war, raised the minimum wage, gave poor people access to legal aid, gave Papua New Guinea (a colony Australia acquired from Germany after WWI) independance, removed the racist "White Australia Policy" disadvantaging non-white immigrants, and MUCH more. As an aside, Malcolm Fraser wasn't the only ex PM to point out the part US/NATO were playing in escalating with Russia… Paul Keating has also : . BTW, for some real-life political comedy from Paul Keating, he is famous here for this :

  5. The anti Russian comments I have seen so far are knee jerk and moronic propaganda that has nothing to do with Katie and Aaron’s presentation!

  6. Nazi leader and Holocaust perpetrator Stepan Bandera? I don't think you know what you are talking about and certainly the audience will not know. For those who would like to know something, please read about the "insignificant" massacre of Jewish orphans in Biala Cerkiew on 22 August 1941 (with an interesting episode when simple German soldiers and chaplains tried to prevent it) in comparison to other genocides which are poorly documented or not documented at all, such as the murders in Volhynia, the size of which is shocking.

  7. Just before I quit FaceBook, I was scanning posts about Andrew Cuomo from pink pussycat Resisters loudly proclaiming that, "he may be a bully – but he's OUR bully."

    So, maybe this is just a case of PBS acknowledging that, "he may be a Nazi – but he's our Nazi."

  8. Calling Bandera a Nazi is a cheap shot. He was an ultra-nationalist and a terrorist who spent time in a Nazi concentration camp. Some Ukrainians see him as a hero for fighting against the soviets, but overlook the war crimes he committed.
    The truth is between the lines and I think it's important to make that clear.

  9. Did they do any research before posting this video? Like ohhh m'god its a Nazi cus someone said so. Maybe he was a Nazi, but some don'tthink so. At least point out why you think this?
    Lazy ass reporting.

  10. These people araren't nazis, and they are fighting a dictator who wants to put an end to their Freedom's and way of life. I'm sure there's plenty of pictures of Wernher von Braun at Nasa but that doesn't mean it's run by Nazis. You people should be ashamed of just trying to spark outrage. Are you on Putin side, claiming Nazis are running Ukraine. Nazism is a plague, but communism has been on the top of that list after the fall of the Third Reich especially now since Putin it's trying to bring back the Glorious Soviet Union.

  11. If the image was blurred due to focus, it's not likely that a fluctuation would make a portion of the image sharp. It's much more likely that this piece of the image was missed in a process of intentional blurring. So the Koch funded PBS now protects Nazi fascists – who would have guessed? Now didn't the Austrian-Libertarian Fred Koch (father) build oil refineries for the Third Reich?

  12. PBS didn't blur it out. You can tell by the effect that it was done real time by the streaming software. If it was done in post processing there would not have been that moment where it was clear. I believe it’s actually a feature in zoom or Skype to blur the background. I’ve seen it around a lot

  13. Anyone willing to kill Putinists is good news. Soviets and their kind killed far more people than the Third Reich. Outsider spectators should learn more about the situation than a mere painting and avoid thinking like children. Ukraine misses Nazi occupation because Russians WERE WORSE. Unlike Western mental children Ukraine has personal direct experience of Russia.

  14. As far as I remember from my history lessons it was actually Andriy Melnyk who decided that Ukraine needs help from outside in their pursue of independence, choosing the Nazi Germany over Russia. Bandera supported an idea that their should fight on their own what eventually lead to division in OUN… The Ukrainian fight for independence is long and complicated, as well as Polish and any other countries that were annexed by their stronger neighbors… I would recommend EVERYONE to read at least few books that are presenting various opinions before expressing your strong opinion based only on info from Wikipedia…

  15. Stepan Bandera was responsible for the genocide against ethnic Polish civilians where 100,000 were sadistically murdered including women and children by the UPA and SS Galicia – Wolyn Massacre.

  16. Ukraine has to be a perfect country with flawless people and no corruption or nationalism in their government or military, otherwise they deserve to be invaded. If they vote to have closer ties to NATO or elect more pro-Western leaders then Russia has the right to install a new government.

  17. The feeling I get from seemingly half the progressives on social media is that Russia was provoked into invading Ukraine so all is forgiven, and the whole Ukrainian military are Nazis. Lol. OR, a 100% I stand with Ukraine vibe and fuck Russia. A few show nuance in their thinking, but they get drowned out. It's either Team Russia or Team Ukraine.🥴

  18. Wow, some people here defending bandera/n@zis, calling Aaron and Katie for being simplistic??
    Katie and Aaron are Jewish, and Aaron's dad is a holocaust survivor. I think it's understandable that they're not big fans of n@zis and holocaust collaborators.

  19. A nazi country with a Jewish president, WoW! We've never even had a Jewish president or vice president, probably as a result of too many right wing fascist types living in our country
    Maybe we deserve an invasion too. Maybe Putin would have the time to straighten us out once he gets done with Ukraine?

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