Peaceful Straight Pride March Attacked By Pro-LGBT Terrorists



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  1. We demand you accept us. Now we demand you have to look at everything we are doing and give us attention. Wait thats not enough…. Now we demand that you denounce everything you are and admit that you are a bigot and that your are unacceptable or else !!! The whole world has to accept their lifestyle and let them do whatever tf they want without question or consequence, but if we even bring up or show the world our side or our way of life, thats a hate crime and we are the monsters….. ? This is one sided, and they are just trying to brain wash everyone. They know its all bs thats why they are so hostile about it whenever anyone has the audacity to fight back and stand up to them.

  2. Speaking of big corporate B.S., if you see the word "sustainable" on the label, read the ingredients. More often than not you'll find "Cricket flour" listed. That right, ground bugs. Thank you, No. I read all labels now.

  3. Fascism is here. The have their FBI Brown Shirts and a justice system that only looks after them. Umm, at which point do you think you do something more than just talk?

  4. Look, we tried it, alright? We tried being accepting of these people, and all it's done is made things worse, Islam is right about more then just woman, and maybe it's time we adopt some of it's teachings

  5. Eventually the majority will lose patience with the 5% of the population trying to normalize their fetishes. Getting uppity leads to the rubber band affect – when public sentiment snaps back and withdraws their support. So, yeah. Keep acting like entitled crazies and we'll treat you like entitled crazies.

  6. They way gay people have stripped away any trace of identity to become LGBTQ and violent sort of mimics basic military training in the sense the identity of a person is broken down & rebuilt to turn them into a violent tool of the government.

  7. Cultural fascism.

    The nationalism of the Left is based on identity politics rather than geographical boundary politics. It's the same effect with an "us" versus "them" result.

    They leverage their institutional power and influence in media, tech, entertainment, financial, education and government sectors to forcibly suppress their opposition.

    They have no idea that they themselves are fascists.

  8. In most, if not all workplaces companies make you take Bloodborne Pathogen Classes or at least an online Test in order to keep your job. But out on the street you can throw piss, sh*t and other bodily fluids at people. Yes, with out a doubt this should be treated as a Felony and listed as Bioterrorism. And if found guilty of such should be denutted, or clipped & stitched…

  9. You know what's funny the radical left don't realize that they're fascists and the gab Nazis don't realize that they're socialists…. What planet is this???? Wtf is going on here!!!

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