PEDOGATE 2020 PT.2 – Tom Hanx (NEW INFO)

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Aria speaks out about her ritual abuse by the British establishment:

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1. An article which inspired a-lot of this, and helped us to more narrowly define what it was we were finding, and how to most effectively communicate that to the audience:
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4. One of Isaac Kappy’s final videos (edited):

Written by Mouthy Buddha


  1. Мы православные всегда знали что католики еретики а папа римский антихрист, в кормчей сказано что женится можно с 14 лет но блудить с детьми это великий грех я сам иногда находил перчатки детей и думал что бы это значило может ктото потерял теперь я знаю что это грешники наверно так так себе детей привораживают. Большее спасибо за расследование пицца гейт должна быть доведена до конца а педофилы наказаны! Помните Господь все видит и воздаст каждому по делом его!

  2. Literally my 5th time back here watching this life changing doco, its so utterly mind blowing the level of production in this vid, its like a Netflix movie. People constantly ask how can we open the eyes of those unwilling to see as we ALL KNOW how difficult it is to explain to those not willing to do any kind of real research which is a constant source of frustration. And now we all have the answer…. This vid right here. It has been thee most truly effective, guaranteed to work every time after just one viewing compared to all the arguments I've put forward to open eyes video I have in my arsenal and for that I shall be eternally grateful. Then the penny drops that hanx simply cannot be a lone predator and that the whole of Hollyweird is in on this shit.. Thanku, thanku, thanku all the world Mouthy.

  3. Notice how main stream media seems all this a conspiracy theory, when they put no research into it, they don't ask pressing questions. Look at all the talk about the riots and protest for blm. We should be rioting over this sh*t!!!