Pelosi blocks fallen soldiers names from being read

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Minorities for Trump…..

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  2. These soldiers lost there lives because of democrats actions, no wonder she doesn't want to give these brave soldiers any recognition. She isn't an American, she is the devil's messenger along with the rest of Congress that are giving our country to our enemies!

  3. We stood in the poring rain 3 of us paying Respect to Soliders that died in Afghanistan being brought home. From the 1st headlights to the last tail light. From the police , freedom riders, to the furinal partition, to the family, friends threw the pouring rain. We held our Slaute, till the last 4 way blinkers was out of sight, that is what the we do. 3 Troops we didn't know. No rain gear, in ACU's on the side of the road, you want to do this hell yeah Respect!

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