Pelosi caught insider trading (again)

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  1. Speaking of scandals…Isn't State Rep. John Thompson from your state? Soooo….I can be from, I don't know..Michigan and rep. y'all? LOL

  2. Remember when she opposed the raising of the minimum wage in American Samoa…because her and her husband own canning factory…hmmm

  3. I must have missed it but there's no way Deevs shaved his head.. that was the deal, shave his head.. he actually is sporting some sorta Caesar hair doo. What a drain weasel.. welching on that bet. SMH SO DISAPPOINTED BOYS, SO DISAPPOINTED!! ???

  4. Say it isn’t so ????
    How do you think she got so rich on a CONgressional salary?! Her dad was a gangster in Baltimore when she was growing up. She’s a natural. Gtfo of OUR HOUSE!!

  5. I’m beginning to think about running for CONgress but I’m not a good liar. I’m disabled, being screwed by the CDC, DOJ/DEA by not being able to have the LEGAL pain MEDICATIONS for incurable chronic painful conditions. That’s why suicides are up, especially in the military.

    If you’re willing to do a video on this TORTURE, I guarantee you’ll get hundreds of thousands of subs, simply for telling our stories of Human Rights abuses in America.

    As the illicit fentanyl flows through the wide open border, the War on Drugs ? is still wasting billions and the DEA doesn’t go after the REAL problem. That’s why you see prescription pill bottles and pills in all OD stories instead of the tons of illicit drugs Border Patrol catches.

  6. They left Britain because they were NOT allowed to practice their FAITH. So they came to America and set up this country under Judaen/Christian VALUES and had one of the BEST COUNTRIES FOR DECADES. Till the Dems started their Anti-God CHEATING and LYING.

  7. Pelosi's Daddy was a known crime boss and it looks like she married into it too… being the 3rd most powerful person in the western world might have something to do with it too….Satan has a place for her that will allow her to stand at the hellish podium and keep telling her lies until the end of time….

  8. Can we push for justice on it this time? Tired of just talking about stuff but never see any action. Start a poll to see how many people want to fight to have her held accountable.

  9. Geez…….when is enough ..enough?…its not like they are young anymore do they really need just more and more, is it a "I do it because I can" or? I say those people and there husband/wife should not have permission to do ANY kind of trades….the price for serving the country