Pelosi Kills Student Debt Relief With Right-Wing Talking Points!

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  1. Last time I checked the Military was BEGGING people to join so they can give them the GI Bill which PAYS more than enough for anyone that wants to attend a 4 Year institution!

    You give a man a FISH, He eats for a Day, But if you teach him to Fish, and eats the rest of his life!

    People have to SKIN in the GAME otherwise it's EASY COME, EASY GO!

  2. I've been living in Germany for 11 years. I had considered returning to the US, but I simply can't do that until after my kids have gone to university here. 400 Euros per semester doesn't leave a young adult in crippling debt for the rest of their lives

  3. Oh boy. Taxes is funding for the society. For everyones benefit.
    It's to even the playingfield, so that a good education isn't dependent on the size your patents vallet.
    Just as your access to healthcare, shouldn't be dependent on the size of your vallet.
    If you got money and can afford even better healthcare. Good for you. Just as you can pay for an even better education.
    But a high standard of education afforded to everyone is an investment for society.
    Not an expenditure.

  4. This clip of Pelosi using the conservative argument for denying forgiveness on all SLD and making college free for our people infuriates me. We cannot forget she said this garbage.

  5. JImmy, Love you and your show. I cannot tolerate Pelosi's voice nor face. She is truly vile. Her unfeeling and uncaring stance on anything that will help the American people are sick and sad. Keep up the great work.

  6. The squad is the new Bernie. Pretend you’re ‘for the people’.
    HRC bought up all the Student Debt and sold it to ‘unscrupulous debt collectors’ ….who knew all about continuous persistent harassment, ensuring this new generation were kept safely out of sight in their parents’ basement broke and depressed. And then call them deplorables. Dick Morris, former aide to Clintons has explained all this.

  7. Hey Jimmy Dore, I went to college and I paid for mine. Should I have to pay for someone else's college? Nobody paid for mine. What about people that drop out before graduating? Do they get that for free paid by other Americans? So what about people that didn't go to college and learned a trade? Do they get free tools and equipment paid for by other Americans. Student debt relief is a ridiculous idea. NOTHING is free and nobody should ever be required to foot the bill or pay off other people's debts if those people are able-bodied.

  8. WOW!!! Did Nancy get hit on the head and was all of a sudden is able to speak Republican? That's right, you should not be responsible to pay taxes for someone else's student loan debt, their health care costs, their living expenses (emergency fine, but not perpetually).

  9. After you've gotten the college degree on loan the only opportunity you're being offered is free money. I'm all for making more college programs widely available with gov payments but "debt relief" is not an opportunity its a cash payback for a vote.

  10. Jimmy. College is not free in Japan (and many first world countries) I know because my stepdaughter (who is Japanese) goes to college there.
    They don't gouge the people though. Here the Universities claim to be progressive and woke while making it possible for only the rich to be able to go to college or put the middle class or lower class people in horrible debt.
    Keep up the good fight, but you are wrong on this one. I agree with everything else in the clip though.

  11. It's just amazing how Nasty Nancy with all her children got great schooling on the backs of the taxpayers. She and her husband made all their money on inside trading. Congratulations Nancy your name will go down in history as the most disgusting disgrace of a human being!

  12. It is their fucking obligation!!! You decided to go to college, you signed on the dotted line, you will reap the benefits of the education, you are responsible. Now if the government decided to have universal post secondary education paid by all and to benefit all, then fine. That would be akin to everybody paying taxes for the public school system. If I paid off my student loan debt and then was expected to pay more taxes to pay off someone else's, I'd be pissed… wouldn't you.

  13. Botox skeletor is invested in student debt. Debt that can never be discharged is debt the super rich can get behind.
    Citizens United gave corporate leeches more rights than humans have to escape debt.

  14. Empress Nancy lives in the perfect world of the neo-liberal, elitist 'DC Bubbleland'. Where the entitled few are there to worship and provide for those rich and powerful demi-gods of the donor class. Everyone else should follow their script and be thankful they can become indentured servants. It's so easy to know where you stand in the good ol' US of A.

  15. Follow Pelosi around with signs of Iron Maiden’s Eddie character with the text “Pelosi Botox Skeletor” and her ego will make her resign in a hurry.

  16. Consider all the corporations that spend far more in lobbying than in taxes. Then consider how many of those corporations need the US military to protect global shipping lanes and air space for them. We pay for that.

    They should pay for their own security.

  17. At least Trump was Trump and non apologetic about it. Before the election Nancy was all we have to pay student loan debt, after the election, sorry, I lied to win the election.

  18. My mind is permanently boggled how you can keep on pretending Dems are in any sense left wing. The Democratic party is to the right of the entire 15+ party political spectrum where I live on policy. Sickening

  19. For the most part, the Democratic Party of today is the moderate Republican party that no longer exists. They both suck, one way more then the other… but we should have more choices then bad ones.

  20. Meanwhile, in Germany, people understand that well-educated academics without fear of going bankrupt are a COMMON GOOD and everyone should have that opportunity.