Pelosi Screws The Left AGAIN In ANOTHER Covid Bill

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  1. It extends the federal unemployment until Jan 31st, 2021. That's enough for me considering my wife and I were both permanently laid off from our jobs this month.

  2. progressive democrats are bending their knee to the Queen of Evil, Pelosi. There is so much going on behind the scenes it would scare the hell out of all of us. This government, all of them, are nothing but evil. Nothing will change until the next American Revolution. People will have to take our country back.

  3. I tell you the people really really need to vote her out. The young need come out in force and vote her out.

  4. The only pleasure I get from this picture is that coved 19 is sweeping through the Congress and they’re elder now and rather high risk

  5. 30 million people are going to be evicted from their housing within 90 days and I think we need to be ready because that many people in the street will collapse the government and render the country ungovernable. The time is choosing us and makes this very inconvenient. I have the list of names of who needs to be walked out day one.

  6. What else do you expect!? Stop deluding yourself into thinking any real, meaningful, fundamental change or help will ever come through their systems and institutions, business "leaders" and politicians, twitter and the ballot box.

    You're also not being very honest about the way European and Scandinavian countries function in their Welfare Capitalism, now and normally, which is essentially the whole of the US "progressive" worldview, a warped, incomplete and completely utopian version of EU/Scandinavian style politics and economics that defies all data and sound analysis. Welfare Capitalism is an unethical, unsustainable, undesirable and unachievable ideology, the "Green" version of it is just more absurd and impossible yet that's the mainline "progressive" demand.

    And please, family, please stop with the myths of "corruption" and "broken systems" and bs like that. These are features, not bugs. Things are functioning properly, exactly as they were designed from the beginning. To serve and protect the wealthy and powerful from the rest of us. The wealthy, educated, land and slave owning, genocidal, "white" business men who "founded" this settler colony state were looking out for their interests and that is exactly where we still are. The myths are just that, myths. Freedom, equality, prosperity, etc, was never literally "for all", it was exclusively for them. It never applied to women, POC, even straight, white, cis-het, males if they weren't propertied. Crack a book from a reliable source and take the blinders off to the best of your ability and face reality. These people do not give a fuck about you and even if they did what makes you think they could, and regardless, who's better to manage your life and make decisions that effect you than you yourself? What's with the middleman bs in our so-called "democracy" be it the boss, the cop, the landlord or the politician?

    You care about regular people? Then stop looking to politicians to change things and focus on leaving it to regular people! Help people along and tell the uncomfortable truths. Undo the conditioning and indoctrination we all face from birth in as many of them as possible. Help break the spell and do away with the myths and revisionist history. Use your platform to actually do something, agitate, educate, organize and act. This wishful thinking and misdirected outrage has gotta stop. People have got to stop clinging to bs and start building something new or we'll be completely fucked when it all comes down. And rather it's climate and ecological catastrophe, political unrest, economic collapse, whatever, it will come down. Nothing lasts forever. Especially empires.


  7. But Skeletor is fine with the general population having nothing more than crumbs. We're all just 'germ ridden masses' as far as she's concerned.

  8. She’s one of many reasons why people are rioting in the streets. They’ve had enough. They’re tired of the kabuki theatre from the establishment. Time for the people to put their knees on the establishment’s neck!!!

  9. American Democrats would be Conservatives in any other Western Democracy. America only has ONE political party, and it is a Conservative party with different factions. The progressives in the Democrat Party are outliers in American politics (talking about politicians not the public), it's why the DNC did everything they could to derail Bernie.

  10. There is one thing I always do not have any trouble agreeing with my Republican about, they agree that Washington DC is beyond corrupt and needs to be purged of Elitist Government Officials. They always want Pelosi and Obama first and they will trade me Mitch McConnell and Dick Cheney. They are always surprised when I say that is a great deal, you get all the DEMS and we get all the Republicans. The charge for unconstitutionally making Money free speech and therefore they also made bribery legal has led to 40 years of destruction to this Country and the ridiculous inequality allows the 512 Billionaire to rob the treasury and ignore the Constitution because they are Aristocrats above the law.

    This Country was started because our Founders did not want some Narcissist A-hole telling WE THE PEOPLE ho to live. Our Founders said that as soon as your representative Government no longer represents WE THE PEOPLE, abolish the Government and rebuild a new Government with a basis in the old minus everything that allowed the corruption to break into the Government. WE THE PEOPLE were never supposed to be the servants of Kings and the Founders would rather see their creation torn down and rebuilt, than for their Government that was meant for WE THE PEOPLE to be turned into a Monarchy with Kings above the law. Those State Militias are supposed to ban together and remove the corrupt Government that has replaced the Government of WE THE PEOPLE. Our Military Courts should arrest the Government Officials and the Wealthy Elite with most charged with Tax Evasion but also many charged with assisting other Countries with the destruction of America. The trade deals are the second law they broke and they have created the greatest Chinese country on the planet to the peril of America. We should re-activate the Nuremberg Trials also since many of our Presidents are more guilty of War Crimes than the Germans America hung after the War.

    Our Founders almost put a limit on how much money you were allowed to make because they new money and power quickly leads to oppression. The amount of money Billionaires have make human being have thoughts like , " If the planet can't handle the 8 billion population size then the Wealthy Elite can create a virus that will wipe out 7.5 billion and leave them and 500 million to serve them. The Wealthy Elite would consider that idea a perfectly normal way to save the planet.

    I believe the American people, no matter if you vote Red or you vote Blue should join together to save our Country. The Wealthy are destroying this Country. Everyone knows that this Country is nothing like the Country that won WW2. The Wealthy control the Government and ignore our rights and laws and they love to give away all of our jobs and watch our infrastructure crumble as China builds massive brand new cities and air ports while they enjoy a Middle Class life from all of the American Factories that abandoned America. Red and Blue should take this Country back, we should take all of our jobs back and not allow any Foreign made goods into this Country. Then to afford the American made goods we should increase the wages that have not been adjusted for inflation since 1980. Taxes on the Wealthy Elite should go back to where they were when Americas economy was functioning at its best in the 1950's. All the Corporations then should experience being broken up for being monopolies. The Conservative Rural towns that had families with the mom at home were destroyed by the trade deals. Red and Blue should join together and abandon the two corrupt Parties. Whatever our differences are can be worked out through functioning Representatives but first we, both sides, must save out Country from the corruption within. China will take the lead as the number 1 economy away from America in about 7 years, our Wealthy Elite play in their fake Wall Street casino and do not make anything as they just create money from thin air. The Chinese Corporations are an extension of the Chinese Government whose motive is not profit but whose motive is the downfall of the West and to spread Authoritative Communism all over the Globe.