Pelosi’s Bizarre Behavior During Biden’s Speech Examined

President Joe Biden delivered his first State of the Union address on Tuesday, in which he made clear that he remains committed to fighting for policies like raising the minimum wage and bringing down prescription drug prices despite not fighting for them at all when he might have been able to pass them less six months ago. Also noteworthy from the speech was the series of reactions from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who stumbled and bumbled her way through numerous attempts to follow along and applaud at appropriate moments during the evening.

Jimmy and American comedian Kurt Metzger marvel at both Biden’s bald-faced BS and Pelosi’s awkwardness during the SOTU.

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  1. They are Satanic . She is under a mind control. They have implanted cues.All of the western politicians are like this especially democratic (global) agendists. Pelosi is old so cannot use her conscious mind to filter.

  2. Like MADD, like anything else, like 911. Do 8 million people even have a TV any more. Well the Hell with this. I'm going fishing in a non-polluted lake where I know what the fuck I'm eating

  3. Wake up Jimmy! You're too smart to be advocating for medicare for all. You damn well know that anything the government controls is going to be a huge waste and corrupt system. Besides, don't worry O'Briben will be forcing everybody on it, because it will be one more bankrupt idea. He will get his kick backs through the O'Briben crime family bag men and women and the working stiffs will be carrying the burden.
    What do you think is going to happen to medicare and SS benefits with O'Briben allowing unlimited immigrants into the country?
    Wake up Jimmy, you're smarter than this.
    With medicare as it exists, the fraud and corruption is so rampant it's sickening. Even if you try and call to report fraud, the response is always, "what do you care, it's not your money".
    That's the response I got after trying to report a company the suckered my elderly mother into $9,000 dollars of free back braces. All completely covered by medicare with a fake doctor asking over the phone, if she had pain in each one of her joints. Just a complete waste of tax payer money that provided her with a pile of clunky metal and fabric braces, that she never used.

  4. So just put mom and pops out of business cause they can’t afford a hiked up
    Minimum wage? That’s ridiculous. They go out of business so corporations can buy them off and keep their bs going. I’m on board with a lot of your content, but not this.

  5. Jimmy…. why in the hell are you selling "Lets go Brandon" merchandise? Yea, dems suck, but Trump is no better. I didnt think u were a Trumpy. Look forward to seeing you in Des Moines tho!

  6. I can't even find the humorous side to that vile creature. There's not many people I look forward to, to reading about their earthly demise but that skeletor thing is one. She's a stain on America.

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