Pelosi’s Husband Traded MILLIONS In Semiconductor Company Ahead Of Senate Vote: Report

Pelosi’s Husband Traded MILLIONS In Semiconductor Company Ahead Of Senate Vote

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  1. The crumbling corrupt elite..what do we expect? . They progress by lying,they get supported by rich backroom puppeteers and we muppets think we're making a difference by voting for them…more fool us!!. Its enough to make you sick!!

  2. I hate to call out Batya, but
    2:54: “Our military is 100% dependent on China for these semiconductor chips…” This is flatly wrong. (Small caveat at the bottom.) I would ask her to recheck her sources. While you’re doing so…

    * You should distinguish between commercial and industrial-grade chips, and specifically those used by the military. There are differences in how these classes of chips tolerate temperature, vibration, and radiation.
    * There are foundries in the US dedicated to US military needs, but they don’t have the volume of commercial chips and thus cost a lot more. Also, do not conflate manufacturing in Taiwan (the most advanced) with manufacturing in China (probably okay).
    * There is a vast difference between semiconductor chip manufacturing versus printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing and product assembly, at which China excels. Specifically, PCB is what needs to be brought back from China to the US.

    Caveat: in 2011, there was a report of counterfeit parts getting into US missile systems. Those parts were traced back to China. Since then DoD has been pushing hard to not let this happen again.

    Frankly, Rising needs reporting from an expert in the electronics industry. Not just a tech industry expert that can cover Facebook or Google, but real semiconductor/PCB manufacturing.

  3. It’s insider trading. This administration has undermined the law to the degree that it’s shrugged off as “legal”. It’s Pelosi’s “let them eat cake” moment. Vote these people out.

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